According to a Feb 2020 Kaiser Family Foundation poll the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) is more popular than ever.

A a clear majority (55%) of the public now views the law favorably according to the poll.

Not only that, as Republicans turn their attention to opposing Medicare-for-all instead of repealing the ACA, only 3% of Republican voters consider repealing the ACA to be a top issue.

Meanwhile, the poll also shows that healthcare is a top issue in general in the election.

With the Supreme Court today considering whether to take up a case that seeks to overturn the entire Affordable Care Act, the latest KFF tracking poll finds that a clear majority (55%) of the public now views the law favorably – its highest rating in more than 100 KFF polls since it became law nearly 10 years ago. In comparison, slightly more than a third (37%) hold unfavorable views.

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  2. The article on the ACA part of the poll only. Poll: Nearly 10 Years after Its Enactment, the Affordable Care Act is More Popular Than Ever as Republican Voters Instead Target Medicare-for-All.



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