ObamaCare Deadline Extended to Dec. 18 For Most States

People are getting three extra days to enroll in coverage at HealthCare.Gov. The extended deadline is Dec 18, 2019.

The deadline is due to some shoppers having last minute problems using the website to sign up / enroll.

With the above noted, customers need to have at least tried to sign up by Dec 15 to qualify for the extension. So, make sure to let the marketplace know you tried to sign up before the 15th if you need to qualify!

This deadline applies to every state that uses the Federal Marketplace HealthCare.Gov. Of states that don’t use Healthcare.Gov, most have extended state-based deadlines. However, some states that created their own marketplace may adhere to the initial Dec 15 deadline.

Please check your state’s website if your state doesn’t use healthcare.gov.

IMPORTANT NOTES ON THE LAST MINUTE OBAMACARE EXTENSION: This extension period was reported by the Wall  Street Journal and other sources (for example Fox Business) after a Trump official announced that people would have extra time to sign up.

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