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When I first signed up at the market place I was healthy. That first year test showed I was doing well. The next year I signed up again had test run. The test showed I had developed type 2 diabetes. I maintained my sugar levels and adjusted to my condition. I was blessed to sign up again at the market place the once again. On Thanksgiving of 2016 I had to go to the emergency at my local hospital. I was having trouble breathing and my body was swollen. I was told I had congestive heart failure due to a virus that attracted my heart. If I had waited much longer to go to the hospital I would likely be dead. I know I would not have gone without insurance to pay. I would not have been able to pay for a stay in the hospital. I work and have tried to take care of my health. I pay my bills but a hospital bill would be well beyond what I could pay. I am grateful to have insurance.

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