What Happens to the Mandates if ObamaCare is Repealed?

Do I Still Have to Get ObamaCare Now that Trump has Been Elected?

It is likely Republicans will repeal both the individual and employer mandates, but for now we should assume they will remain in place until 2018.

Although the GOP and Trump both ran on repealing ObamaCare and specifically the mandates, for now the ACA is still the law of the land, open enrollment is on, cost assistance is offered, and no full repeal plan is on the table yet.

Given this, it would be wise to assume that for 2017 those who don’t get coverage will owe the fee.

One should also assume the employer mandate will be in effect. That means the millions of full-time workers who got covered via their employer under ObamaCare are likely safe for 2017.

Or, to frame this for employers, “you should plan on covering your employees and complying with the law until further notice”.

It is likely that Republicans will call for the defunding / repealing of these provisions starting in 2018. With that said, nothing is certain at the moment.

Learn more about the Republican “repeal and delay” plan currently in the works.

UPDATE 2019: This plan never passed, and thus some specifics here are of historical interest only.

Author: Thomas DeMichele

Thomas DeMichele is the head writer and founder of ObamaCareFacts.com, FactsOnMedicare.com, and other websites. He has been in the health insurance and healthcare information field since 2012. ObamaCareFacts.com is a...

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