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Dear President Obama,
After years of feeling unwell and undergoing multiple surgeries we nearly lost our home, we had drained our savings, we had drained our children’s college funds. Meanwhile my husband was a small business man in the construction industry which took an enormous hit during the great recession. My husband worked day and night to put food on the table and new shoes on our three children’s feet. I felt an overwhelming sense of guilt, knowing that my piles of medical bills, rising healthcare during a recession put our family through such horrible stress which was made so much worse by my multiple health issues which worried our children, we had gone from being a comfortable middle class family to having to losing everything. This time, was incredibly worrisome to our three kids at a time when middle school is difficult enough. They never knew if I would be alive, nor did I to see their next game, or their graduations and monumental moments such as prom, graduating, etc., I was bed bound, We had to decide between mortgage payments or healthcare.

Thanks to Obamacare our health insurance dropped to a third of what we were paying, Soon we were able to refinance our home under a governmental plan to help homeowners save their homes. All the stability we had fought for had disappeared, my husband never told me how bad things were until it was unavoidable. There was not a job too small for my husband, even with an underlying heart problem he worked doing anything and everything he could find, any kind of work. Thank you President Obama thanks to your healthcare plan I was able to continue to see specialists, this resulted in a diagnosis of a rare intestinal infection and even more concerning, two stage three colon cancer tumors, one on each side on each side of the colon. This required almost total colon removal from a top notch physician that was able to do my surgery without having to have a bag. Please Mr. President understand this, your plan saved my life, a little over a year ago our almost 15 year old son was hit and killed in a crosswalk by a speeding driver that ran the red light, through an intersection and into our precious son, killing him instantly.

My heart aches, it bleeds tears of pain but because of Obamacare I was able to have that last year with him without chemo, without dying. I need to be monitored closely and I am terrified that Trump is going to win, reducing our reputation around the world, causing division between fellow Americans and taking away my health insurance. We are just getting back on our feet, doing so with broken hearts and two older children that need help to deal with the pain in their hearts of losing their brother and worrying about me (their mother) day and night. They are going to need professional emotional support and will require cancer testing and monitoring for the rest of their beautiful lives. My husband is such a dedicated man, husband and father and is working 6 and 7 days a week to keep our family afloat. Please President Obama, please speak openly with the American people and let them know how Obamacare saved the lives of those like mine and let them know that I fear being dropped without care. Please let them know that perhaps more work needs to be done to improve Obamacare. Your programs helped our family during the last year of oir sons life, a young man known as a Gentle Giant, large for his age, a boy that stood up against bullies picking in others. His name is Wyatt S., one of the most gorgeous boys I ever laid eyes on and a heart even more beautiful. So many parents and their children spoke so much about what a beautiful person he was on the inside, how hem stood up for their children, no matter color, religion, financial status or kids with disabilities.

His loss of life was covered extensively by local press and the Los Angeles Daily News, Your programs helped our family enjoy hope during his last year of life. Please speak with the press about what changes need to be done to improve Obamacare, please, I have a genetic disorder and require close monitoring and I want, no, I need my two older children to see me go on, they just can’t take another loss. My dedicated husband is already working 6 to 7 days a week, without health insurance I have no hope, without health insurance it will be impossible to go on, I just cannot put my husband through this and I surely do not want my children to suffer anymore. Please do all you can to save this plan and explain it to the people of America in a simple way,

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My name is marissa I’m 32 years old and I’m a diabetic . I was diagnosed when I was 28 and I had no health insurance And the prescription was $450 a month and Dr. Visits and blood test were very costly and I couldn’t afford any of it . Without Obama care I still would not have coverage and my diabetes would’ve been very out of control thanks to Obama care I’m taking care of it and it’s in control. My plan was not very expensive i found it to be very affordable. I’m very nervous and worried if Obama care is taken away because I will be very sick and wound not be able to help myself .

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