Hi I am 31yrs old and on Feb 25th 2008 on my way to work 550am i hit black ice and had a really near death i actually did die couple times but I beat all the odds against me but it did leave me permanently paralyzed.

I was a union bricklayer local 20 waukegan Illinois well i maxed out my insurance in a few weeks and the state of Wisconsin picked up the tab for me and then the ACA was implemented i got onto the exchange through Community Care which is for long term care needs well because of my low income with 2 kids part time. I actually have no co pay i can see any specialist that I need to never been denied because of my coverage and I don’t have to pay for all of my prescriptions every month.

I’m sick of people making up all these stories to trash it well if i didn’t have no one would want to cover me i was also paying for co pays for every prescriptions on a limited income monthly.

I wish this story could be used for a huge success many other states would benefit if they took the expansion money but they didn’t which is leading to horror stories it’s stupid!!

What do you think?

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