With price gouging on drugs in the news yet again, lets look at Hillary Clinton’s take on drug reform and Big Pharma.

Clinton gets flack for being friendly to corporations, but its hard to ignore the valid point that corporations are a vital aspect of American society. With that said, sometimes she doesn’t get enough credit for her centered reform efforts. Below are a few links that explains Clinton’s past reform efforts and her new plan to take on Big Pharma and Debate Medicare drug prices.

To summarize the articles, often drown out by the buzz over Trump’s rhetoric which dominates the Media and the far more valid, but not Clinton related, insult and injury at the North Dakota Access Pipeline (see the protests), Hillary Clinton continues to discuss real sensible reforms. She may not always be sensational, but she is sensible, and that counts for a lot, especially in the complex world of healthcare.

Learn more about Hillary Clinton and her history of healthcare reform.

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