In 2012, I spent over $30K in out of pocket expenses trying to find doctors that can actually help my daughter. My family now has a portfolio of effective doctors, but they are all at different facilities. None of them is covered by Medicaid; none of them is covered by any one provider network except the most expensive ones (this is true of all the insurance providers in my area).

Because we are self-employed, my family’s income varies from year to year. We currently pay our $1,200/month insurance premiums out of savings, from past years’ income. My family’s income is below the poverty level…who knows what 2016 will bring.

Because of our current low income — and our compulsion to answer questions honestly — we are allowed to enroll in Medicaid, which does not help us. We are not allowed for any plan that might qualify for tax credits. So, my choices are between free, useless insurance and continuing to pay $1,200/month. There is no option to pay less than full price and also get effective coverage.

I can imagine a system that lets me pay full price with an option for tax credits…if I don’t earn enough money, I pay full price; if I earn enough to tax, I get credits. It’s still backwards, but better than no option at all.

Otherwise (because you wouldn’t know from my story), I’m a supporter of Obamacare. It seems like a great way to help the [not in poverty and not self-employed] lower-middle class out.

What do you think?

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