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I am back in college and unable to work the minimum required hours to keep me and my husbands insurance through my work. My only option was “the marketplace”, every “private” insurance I look into seems to be linked back to Obamacare. Last year I purchased the absolute lowest catastrophic plan, since our $60k income is not eligible for assistance. This plan covered absolutely nothing until a $6600 deductible was met… go figure this is the year my 27 year old husband finds out his only kidney is barely functioning. So after a $6600 deductible and $3600 of insurance that paid absolutely nothing… it is time to re-enroll. This year, that same insurance is now $5400 a year, same coverage. ONLY FAMILIES THAT MAKE UNDER $47K A YEAR GET ASSISTANCE? What about the rest of the middle class? We have nothing more to cut back on to pay our insurance premiums…. we drive old cars, our only debt is our home (our insurance is now more than our mortgage payment). I feel lost!

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I am totally outraged that a woman and her husband whom I know who are sitting on slightly under a million dollars in assets that I know about for sure–heaven only knows what else there is–and who have no debt pay $17 a month for coverage for which they were quoted a monthly premium of $3,500 (that is what she said) privately. They both have health issues which have ongoing expenses amounting to around $1,200 a month just for supplies. They have no visible “income” because they live on their savings. I have an income of $37,000 gross, a mortgage, and car payment because my old car was totaled by someone else. I pay about $550 a month in premiums. I just do not get this system AT ALL. I’m paying for millionnaires to sit on their butts. Meanwhile, I cannot afford my copay for the medical care I need myself. Incidentally, they just had half of their credit card debt forgiven because they decided two years ago to stop paying it–just decided to stop paying. (They don’t NEED credit so don’t care about their rating.) This woman leads everyone to think she is poor. I actually thought that was true until little by little, the truth came out. Meanwhile, those of us who had tried to help her by buying lunch, lending money, etc. were ripped off. But…the bottom line is, how can a government program allow this? Is it iegal to be sitting on a million dollars and get free insurance?


This is what a society that bases assistance on income and not wealth produces. It has its pros and cons, that is a con.


I totally agree with you. I’m middle class and receive $0 subsidy, but I am required to buy health insurance that increase in cost every year. I just turned 31 and not eligible for catastrophic plan. Even the bronze plan which has a about $6700 deductible and it costs about $750 for our family of 4. It’s covers nothing. I would choose to not have insurance and pay with cash, which I think ended up way cheaper than the deductible and the premiums unless you have a emergency or terminal illness.


See if you can apply for a discount through the medical providers you went through billing system. Through my experiences I have always found there is always a way you just have to find it. My family is always in the same boat we have missed cut offs at times too. So I fill your pain I found that Obamacare will have a good and bad it’s starting out so it’s only going to get better but give it time. I found myself recently in a situation where I got bills for my husband’s surgery I was unable to pay for. So I called the customer patient billing for it. To set up monthly payments and found out they offered a sliding fee going based on all our unpayed bills after our insurance had already payed it such as unpaid credit cards and other info filled out on there paperwork. Most I have found offer something like this now because of the Obamacare where whatever your insurance doesn’t cover they will help out. I ended up getting a discount for whatever our insurance doesn’t cover they will deduct a percentage off what we owe for all our bills now on through them for my whole family. I hope this helps and hang in there.

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