Premium Doubled In Less Than Year – Story

I signed up for my insurance in May, my first payment was in June. My monthly payments at the time were $77.13 a month.

Come October 1, 2015, my premium went up to $149.13. I called and waited on hold for more than 30 minutes total of my 3 attempts… and no one could explain why my premium went up. All they could tell me was that that was my new premium… yeah I got that part, but why? Still no answer.

Now I get a notice stating that I can stay this plan come 2016 if I would like, but my new premium would now be $241!

So in less than a year, actually right on 6 months, my premium has now more than doubled and my benefits have remained the same… imagine that.

How is is logical to have my premium more than double, but my benefits have not improved at all. Wow. Thanks Obamacare, for nothing that is.

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My insurance went up over 200% in 2 year period. That’s not including that deductible went up. I don’t know how people can afford it. Its like paying 2 mortgages. Thanks OBAMA. Slowly but surly middle class will disappear.


I’m finding it fascinating that all of those who are against the Affordable Care Act ignore the white elephant in the room. That elephant is the insurance companies who hit the jackpot and continue to drill the money right out of the pockets of the consumers. People, WAKE UP!


my premium has gone up almost 340% in 2 years. 200% for 2015 to 2016


That is crazy. One has to look into plan choices when this happens.

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