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Yesterday I went in for my annual physical, my second since I first enrolled in Obamacare in 2014. What a pleasure it was to go to my doctor’s office, be greeted by the friendly staff, be well taken care of by my doctor, get basic wellness tests lined up, and walk out the door without having to pay a cent. The sense of gratitude, peace of mind, relief, and happiness I felt was palpable! I strongly feel that this is the kind of experience in health care that all Americans should be able to have.

Because of the messiness of the enrollment in Obamacare, I ended up having to go through a phone hearing with a judge to be able to continue to see my dear primary care physician. It was worth the fight and it shouldn’t have to be that difficult to see a doctor who works well with you.

My gratitude is profound because I have been through the opposite extreme in the health care system compared to my recent experience. In the six months prior to 2014, I was diagnosed with a heart condition and my insurer at the time was playing dirty tricks that were legal until Obamacare went into effect. They denied coverage based on “pre-existing condition.” While dealing with the stress of Atrial Fibrillation, I was having to fight the insurer so that I would not be bankrupted by the $145,000 in medical bills by the end of my treatment. Thanks to the guidance of an excellent Health Care Advocate (Mary Covington of – she is a powerhouse!), I appealed the denied claims, fought hard and won. The entire experience was utterly ridiculous and I saw just how awful insurance companies can be.

I also experienced the stress of having to make significant decisions about my care, such as whether or not to have a particular procedure, not knowing how much it would cost or whether any of it would be paid for. I had to take a leap of faith. One night in the hospital and a procedure cost $104,000.

I now know firsthand the huge difference it makes knowing that my health care will be paid for. It is enormously stressful and utterly ridiculous that anyone in our great nation should have to take the kinds of leaps of faith that happen every day.

Health care is still way to expensive, but Obamacare has made an enormous improvement in getting our health care system on the right track.

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What insurance did you get- name please ?? Is it a PPO or HMO??


Just a tip PPO and HMO quality change by plan and state.


Your story is quite the opposite of all the people I have talked to. The coverage basically paid for a portion of the office visit. Tests, meds anything else, the patient is on their own and pay out of pocket.


Dear Author, thank you for sharing your personal experience with Obama Care. I am currently a high school student learning about the roots of health care in America and I liked how you said that Obama care allowed more people not to fret or be concerned about treatment for their health. I believe all Americans should have the right to this in order to be healthy. It shocked me that there were so many insurances that were denied before Obama Care. I believe this insurance is very much help ful and I learned that the percentage of uninsured young people fell from 48% to in 2010 to 21% in 2012 because it is more affordable. I liked your article very much and I think Obama Care allows people to more safe. Lastly, when you were in the hospital and received the expenses did you have to pay the expenses before you received Obama Care or did Obama Care cover it all ?
Thank you.


I am currently a highschool student learning about the roots of health care in america. I read a story about an anonymous person who was denied health care due to her pre-exisiting condition. She was diagnosed with a heart condition. If it wasnt for Obama care she wouldn’t have gotten the treatment she needed and would’ve been bankrupt. Now that the ACA bans insurance companies from denying coverage for pre-existing conditions this lady got the treatment she needed and is now good and living.

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