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My husband and I are both self employed. Thanks to these new laws we purchased health inusrance this year. We now pay $651.00 a month for our family of four to have health insurance. Now when we go to the dentist or doctor we pay the insurance fee instead of the cash price. All of our trips have costed us more than what we paid pre-insurance. So I just wanted to say thanks for sticking it to the middle class again.

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This is so true. Thanks to Obamacare we now have a very expensive policy with $5,000.00 individual deductibles, which we typically do not meet. Recently my wife required a minor eye procedure whose cost was not going to allow her to meet her deductible. So, the entire cost would be out of pocket.
Wanting to make a good decision on provider, we asked both our insurance carrier, and our provider, what our out-of-pocket would be after insurance adjustments, as the provider and our insurance carrier have a contract with each other. After hearing every excuse in the world from both as to why this information was not available, and after much pressing, I received an “estimate” from the provider. We proceeded with the procedure on that basis.
When the bill arrived, it was DOUBLE the estimate. When I asked why, I was told the claim was filed under another contract, which superseded the contract from which they had given me the estimate.
I am disputing the additional charge on the basis they withheld information which we needed to make an informed decision. The dispute goes on.
Bottom line, it was apparent that neither the provider nor the insurance company wanted to reveal this information. Yet in these days of very high, and increasing deductibles, we feel this is information that is vitally needed in order to make a good decision. Additionally, if this information were routinely available, we feel it would promote healthy competition and ultimately reduce costs.
We’d like to see a law enacted to require providers, and/or health care companies share this information upon request.
What do you think?


Really great comment. Aside from keeping premiums “low” and qualifying for HSAs the only real benefit to high deductibles is that they incentivize people to shop around. If people don’t have accurate prices they can’t price-shop and make decisions about their healthcare based on it.

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