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Because of these health care requirements, and the message that my employer cannot allow me to opt out of these benefits, I will be losing a wonderful job. Our hours have been restricted to a point that I cannot afford to stay at this nonprofit organization that helps others immensely.

They cannot afford to pay these benefits. I already have health insurance through my husband’s employment and require no additional coverage. I love this job, and we need the extra income, but now it won’t be enough because I have to work less than 25 hours a week.

If you can provide me with any information on how my employer could allow me to work without having to automatically pay this money for benefits that I do not need, please let me know. This situation not only puts my family in a tough spot, but will leave my employer, an organization that does a great amount of good in this world, with a gap.

This is really impacting our ability to function as an organization effectively. Instead having a smaller number of employees with a good depth of knowledge and experience, we are now having to increase our number of part time employees and that knowledge base is weakened.

Almost all of our staff now have to have second or third jobs to make ends meet. This very important organization is now no longer the primary focus of these employees, and in the long run we will cease to be the positive force that we have been in the past, and many lives will be the worse for it.

Please provide me with information that we can use to allow those who do not need benefits to work more hours without causing hardship to this non-profit.

It breaks my heart to have to return to the corporate world just because of this issue.

I do support the idea that everyone should have access to health insurance, but a remedy needs to be put in place for this unfortunate side effect of the law.

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Sorry to hear this. I also work for a not-for-profit, and they have been tightening their belts for years now in preparation. This is yet another law that hurts businesses, some that offer important care. I work in direct care. Morale is low. Everyone got a pay cut. People are quitting or threatening to quit, and the organization is now just desperate for warm bodies to fill positions. I work a second job as a tax preparer (can’t live on the pay of my 40 hour job). Our office had one client (one) who got a tax refund due to having Obamacare. Everyone else got either the fine or had to pay back their benefits. The ACA is a new tax, simple as that. It’s a new tax on those who are always taxed for everything, to pay for health coverage for those who get food stamps, housing assistance, EIC, WIC, and welfare, most of whom already had health coverage.


Sounds like your employer does not have the money to carry all the full-time employees on insurance. So now he has to juggle employees lives around to meet his bottom line financially.

Unfortunately, having to offer Health Insurance was never planned into their profit margin. Operating under the guise of a non-profit organization, they have been able to skirt may laws other businesses have not. Now it’s time to pay the piper.

Non-Profits Do Profit, but it’s never the worker bees that reap the benefits.


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