Arkansas Medicaid Expansion Story

First my family of 4 applied for health insurance at the local health dept. I have a high deductible and still won’t see a doctor unless I am deathly ill. My mother is on social security and medicare. My is ex-husband( my son’s father) who has been in the household for 2 years has received his Medicaid. My son has of yet to be covered because at first he was unidentifiable??? Then, he was elgible for Medicaid. Never received any other information. Have been calling everywhere for help.

My son is fed up and stopped trying after he was told by and market place that they cannot go any farther in his account??? They said, “We don’t know what to do.” So here we are and 2014 has passed with no insurance and 2015 is looking grim. Arkansas is a Medicaid expansion state. I have four in my household and my son is a fulltime college student with a part time job. Income totals are 23,559.90 for a year.

Part of that is a social security check and my ex husband has no income and stays with my mother with onset of dementia. Someone please help us get our son covered under something that doesn’t get lost in translation, mail, or computer. My son has given up on the whole thing and I have to get his authorization to help him get insurance.

My son is asthmatic and I must keep trying for him. I am finally about to give up myself sense this morning I was told that we would have to start all over again with the process. Now I am crying and frustrated. How hard is this system supposed to be? So does he qualify for anything? I do claim him on my taxes as a dependent. I guess I will have to pay the fine this year even though I placed the app before the deadline last year. So here I go again.

Hopefully I can get something done right for the 2015 tax year. Trying to do right with no avail.


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So sorry to hear all of this. It does sound frustrating. The fact is you guys all qualify for Medicaid based on income since Arkansas expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. ($32,913 for a family of four is the income limit for Medicaid). Our suggestion is take a deep breath, get back on the phone with HealthCare.Gov, and explain your situation. They should point you to the necessary exemptions and get you signed up for the right coverage. Medicaid can start retroactively so that could help to make your situation easier.

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