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I thought last year was bad. But, after telling me how much better my 2014 plan was compared to my personal plan in 2013 (I was already enrolled in my own personal plan, which the government canceled), the State of Washington canceled my new plan. So, I had to shop again. Perhaps the total premium didn’t change much into 2015, but the following is still making it more expensive for me:

1. Although my income will not change one cent in 2015, my subsidy is being reduced, causing my payments to rise by 16%!!! So how can the administration say that the rate increases have been reduced? Why won’t they explain why the subsidies have been drastically slashed, anyway?

2. My co-pays went up 100% and co-insurance obligations went up 50%. And, since the co-insurance is a percentage, it does NOT begin to reflect the possibility that the doctor will raise his rates as well. If a procedure in 2014 costs $100, but in 2015 it costs $125, that also adds to my cost.

3. Just looking at all of the paperwork involved in the Obamacare Insurance, along with the extra paperwork for subsidies, is enough to give me an OIH (Obamacare Induced Headache). Several news releases have stated that the IRS has no intentions on helping anyone with these forms. This is in spite of the fact that the ACA was supposed to help out low-income families, who do no have accountants at their bidding.

If it costs me the same amount of money as I receive in subsidies, then where are the savings for me? I have decided to do my own taxes, as in the past, because I cannot afford an accountant, especially one who might have more experience with the extra forms than I do (which is zero!).

Thanks for allowing me to share ‘my story’.

PS. Don’t even get me started with the website personal, who forgot to forward one of my premiums to the insurance company, etc., etc., etc.!

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