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What is not taken into consideration is the people who work a full time job but the hours are fluctuated. I can bring home less then 350 a week and have one paycheck every 3 to 4 months just over 400. I should not have to work multiple jobs away from my son just to pay for something we don’t even use. Yes i have medicaid but in the last 5 years ask me how often i have used it! Maybe a handful of times. Child care, rent, gas, utilities, and other needs are not free and cost money too. Not every american needs health care insurance and we should not get charged for it. Believe it or not this act did nothing for some but drag us down more and YES some people still cant afford your affordable insurance.

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I completely agree with you! If it’s Universal Health Care then why can’t we ALL afford health care? Obama Care is another form of tax on all working class Americans to pay for the healthcare. Take from the producers and give to the non-producers. Well I’m going to take the penalty. Stop working and become the non-producer and get great FREE health care in the future.
What will happen to University Health Care when the majority of Americans are so discourage from working hard for a living and they just stop.
They stop paying huge premiums for health INS that provides for those who will not provide for themselves. When they realize they really don’t have medical coverage and their own medical charges are being denied.
Who will fund this horrific health INS plan when the majority of working class throw in the towel, when they can no longer afford to dream of better day and hope for better experiences. When they discover their future, their hopes and their dreams are unattainable. Then we will all have universal healthcare.


Really, really though. “Free health insurance” requires one to have a very low income. It’s not typically the best coverage, and health insurance is about as fun as a shot in the arm in the first place. Don’t think your average person would really forgo participating in the American dream for a “health insurance handout”. Almost a moot point though, the ACA simply expands coverage options to low-income workers. Most of the time that means a little cost assistance, not a “free ride”. The tax part only kicks in if you can afford coverage, but choose not to participate in the healthcare system. When you do that you literally single handedly jack up the price of everyone else’s coverage. Hence the tax.


You qualify for major cost assistance on the Health Insurance Marketplace at that income level. You know this because you have access to free/low cost Medicaid. You also qualify for other assistance programs that help with other aspects that you struggle with. It doesn’t mean these things aren’t hard to pay for, they are for most people. But that is why the ACA includes expanded assistance.

HealthCare is something that doesn’t seem important until you need it. Without Medicaid you could face bankruptcy size medical bills in an emergency.

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