Tried to do the right thing

So I left my job with health insurance 11/7/14.

I started another job 11/10/14 that did not offer health insurance.

Found out 11/23/14 my previous employer removed me from the health insurance.

Went to apply for health insurance for Jan 2015. All sites stated if I did not currently carry health ins to go So I did, after 3 hours of trying to figure out what I was doing, I completed an application. Received this letter at the end which stated I may be eligible for medicaid. Do not believe I was but I waited and received a letter from State of Michigan (SOM) 11/27/14 asking for 30 days of income by 12/5/14.

I faxed & mailed 2 paychecks, did not get the 3rd until 12/7/14 which was immediately faxed to SOM. Waited and waited, my rep voice mail was full.

Them I woke up 1/10/15 in such discomforting pain, finally got SOM rep who said I have 45 days to respond to you and she will try to look it over and get back to me by days end 1/6/15.

Went to urgent care who sent me to emergency where it was found I had a very large ovarian cyst that had started to get entangled in m uterus and had to have surgery. So now I will have a 4 day hospital stay & surgery bill coming in.

This is so not fair, I tried to follow the rules that screwed me & the hospital over. Great plan of helping people, I should’ve just applied for 1/1/15 coverage and been set. **if wondering, my previous employer of 29 yrs does not have to legally offer cobra (under 20 employees in MI) and has not.

A call was placed by my family and they told her we don’t have to offer it and has not. FYI it is now 1/20/15, with no word from SOM

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