Zika Virus Facts

The Zika Basics – Everything You Need to Know About Zika, Plus Links Below are some quick facts on Zika virus, including resources explaining what we know about the Zika, Zika symptoms, and how to get tested for Zika. What is Zika and Why Does it Matter? Zika is a virus transferred by misquotes (primarily by… Read More

ObamaCare Open Enrollment 2017

Understanding ObamaCare’s 2017 Open Enrollment Period Open Enrollment 2017 started November 1, 2016 and ended January 31, 2017. Open enrollment is the only time you can enroll in a health plan on the individual market without qualifying for special enrollment. That means if you wanted to get cost assistance and avoid the monthly fee for 2017,… Read More

What is HillaryCare?

Hillary Clinton Healthcare reform

HillaryCare Explained – The History of Hillary Clinton’s Healthcare Reform Efforts HillaryCare describes healthcare reform efforts by Hillary Clinton. This includes her healthcare reform efforts in 1993 that paved the way for CHIP and the ACA, and all efforts since. If Hillary gets elected HillaryCare will describe healthcare reform under her Presidency. Below we discus: Hillary’s… Read More

TrumpCare Explained

What is TrumpCare? “TrumpCare” describes health care reform under Donald Trump. We explain TrumpCare and how it is different than ObamaCare. An Introduction to the Many HealthCare Bills, Regulations, and Ideas We Call “TrumpCare.” Below we explain different aspects of TrumpCare. When people say “TrumpCare” they are essentially referring to healthcare changes made, attempted to be… Read More

“Doc Fix” Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015

The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA aka the “doc fix”) replaces the SGR formula, cuts Medicare spending, and extends CHIP. In this video President Obama Signs ‘Doc Fix’ Law Into Effect Thursday, April 16, 2015. The information below is a summary of the passing of MACRA and why it is important. See the… Read More

ObamaCare Poll Open Enrollment 2015

Below is the raw data from our 2015 open enrollment poll. This survey was conducted from November 15th 2015 to March 23rd 2015. Keep in mind that this poll was submitted anonymously by users on our site. So whatever bias that gives the poll should be taken into account. We will include a complete analysis… Read More

ObamaCare Costs Drop 20% According to Janurary 2015 CBO Estimates

The latest CBO report is in, ObamaCare’s costs are 20% less than expected. The CBO projects ACA related provisions to cost $571 billion through 2019, that’s $139 billion less than projected in 2010 and 7% less than projected last April. CBO and JCT currently estimate that the ACA’s coverage provisions will result in net costs to the federal… Read More

State of the Union January 20th, 2015 Facts

Watch President Obama’s the State of the Union address which aired 9pm Eastern January 20th, 2015. You can watch the SOTU streaming here. Watch the State of the Union. State of the Union Facts Below we will discuss a few facts from the State of the Union Address, do some fact-checking, and explain the claims made. 10 million… Read More

Free eBook ObamaCare Open Enrollment 2015

Today we released our free ObamaCare eBook, the ObamaCareFacts.com Guide to Open Enrollment 2015.  We help you understand how to get covered and stay covered in the Health Insurance Marketplace. We also review tips and tricks for getting lower costs, getting the right plan, and explain everything from the fee, to open enrollment, to health insurance… Read More

ObamaCare 2015

What You Need to Know About ObamaCare (the Affordable Care Act) in 2015 There aren’t a lot of changes for ObamaCare in 2015.  Let’s review ObamaCare’s 2015 changes and what you need to know to stay covered and save money.  We will review the enrollment process for 2015, what steps you should take to ensure… Read More

ObamaCare 2014 Midterms

How is ObamaCare Affected by the 2014 Midterms? How do the 2014 midterm elections affect ObamaCare? Victories for Republicans in the House and Senate could mean trouble for ObamaCare’s key provisions.  Republicans are pretty out-spoken about their dislike of some of ObamaCare’s major provisions like the medical device tax, medicaid expansion, the individual mandate, and… Read More

Save ObamaCare | Protect ObamaCare in 2018

What you Can do to Save ObamaCare in 2018 It’s up to you to help save ObamaCare from losing its ability to insure over 44 million uninsured Americans. Find out how to protect ObamaCare in 2018. Join Democrats, Republicans, and the tens of millions of Americans who support health care reform in a bipartisan effort to stand… Read More

RomneyCare: What is RomneyCare?

What is RomneyCare? RomneyCare is the name given to Mitt Romney’s health care insurance reform laws passed in MA in 2006. RomneyCare aimed to reform healthcare by providing all MA residents with affordable quality health insurance. It also offered additional protections to MA residents including the retention of health coverage when switching employers or when… Read More

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