ObamaCare Compliance for Foreign Residents?

I am a US citizen and taxpayer currently residing outside of the United States. This year, I will be require to live and work in Los Angeles from October 2015 – March 2016, and due to the terms of my contract, will not be provided healthcare during this period through my employer (The University of California Los Angeles).

I have three questions:

(1) Is it possible for me to apply for Obamacare for coverage ONLY during my time in the U.S.?

(2) If I arrange alternate insurance coverage only for the time that I am physically in the United States, will I incur a penalty when filing my 2015 return?

(3) What is the recommended way for me to ensure that I am covered during my stay and to avoid the tax penalty?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

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I’m not American Citizen , When I was in Vacations In the United States, Pregnant i applied obamacare and i had all my halth covered
I wonder if I will have any problem in returning to THE United States and STILL I can reapply FOR OBAMA CARE If you are pregnant or needy


Travelers insurance would be the right health insurance for a non-citizen who isn’t working here or paying taxes.

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