How are US Expats Affected by Obamacare?

I am a permanent resident in Guatemala and have no plans to return to the USA any time soon. I do not make any income here. Do I still need to apply for Obamacare? I wasn’t planning on filing my taxes this year, because I had no income in 2014, but do I need to file so the government knows I am exempt from Obamacare? Also, do I need to worry about form 2555?

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The above response to the expats question is about as factual as CNN.

A US citizen needs to sign up for an Obamacare approved healthcare plan if the live within the united states more than 30 days in every 12 month period. Following this websites advise will set you up for an costly IRS audit.

Also if you live outside the united states and qualified for the earned income exclusion, the exclusion is much closer to $100,000. It hasn’t been $88k for quite some time.


US citizens need to sign up for minimal essential coverage if they are in the states for more than 35 days because of the 330 days rule mentioned in the answer (365-330=35). You’re absolutely right about the earned income exclusions for expats though. It adjusts every year and is now over $100,000. Thank you for pointing that out.


I am American (married to a Canadian) and work outside the US with a charitable organization based in the US and Canada. They offer coverage for dependents but they cut off my kids at time of marriage. Isn’t the employer with a US insurance agency required to cover kids until they are age 26?

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