Senior 65 plus, No Income, Not Eligible for Medicare / Medicaid?

I am single working adult and my mom (a legal permanent resident) lives with me. She is 78 years old and has no income. While trying to seek clarification if she is required to have health insurance, I called the local organization in Georgia who advised that she would be exempt primarily because she is not a working adult. She is neither eligible for medicare nor medicaid.

We are in Georgia.

I have been researching on this and came across your nice / simple site. It talks about many scenarios but does not have any sections for 65/older, retired/non working, income-less dependent exemption.

Please share me any documentation that can help

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I no longer qualify for an Advantage Health plan, because due to the high cost of living I cannot survive on Social Security alone. So for going back to work PartTime I am being punished. I am 70 yrs old and working. Noe I have to pay the premium for Medicare which is no I think up to $148 , which leaves me after paing just rent with $500 amonth to live on. This system is rigged for people not to work , because when you try to better your situation you are punished for it. So some people decide it is better to not work and let the govenment support you. You eother have to be super rich or under the poverty level to get anykind of real help. There is no Middle Class anymore in America. It has been killed off .

Ignacio Toledo Jimenez

Will like to acquire Medical insurance I’m 70 years old, don’t qualify for Medicare due to my immigration status


You should call You may still qualify for assistance if you don’t qualify for Medicare. And you for sure qualify to buy health insurance otherwise.


Health insurance in the United States is a joke to say the least. I’ve been with Blue Cross of California for over 32 years and never had a claim. I’m currently 61 and my premiums are 820.00 per month with a 2500.00 deductible. In the mean time tax payers are paying for medical coverage for people illegally in the country. We need a new government and an end to the insurance industry asap. This country has become a f–king joke. Every individual should pay for their own health insurance, no more company paid health insurance. Make everyone pay on a level playing field. People will then realize what a joke the insurance industry is.

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