My children are covered under my ex husbands work insurance. I assumed that meant they met the requirements for minimal health insurance coverage. They have health and dental. I noticed however that the health does not include vision. They do offer vision, but we didn’t get it. Since we didn’t get it in 2014 do we need to pay a penalty on our tax returns?


Pediatric vision and dental have to be offered, but parents can decline. The mandate is only for major medical health coverage. Employers must offer plans that cover child dental and vision, the Marketplace will offer dental and vision to children on family plans or as stand-alone. If it's part of the family plan then cost assistance can be used.

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Rick Smith on

I have a dental insurance now pay monthly. I went to the dentist for the first time with this insurance. I had the same problem I always have every time I go to dentist, nothing extra. Without insurance I pay $430 with insurance my payment out of pocket over $1,100. Then I still have to pay my insurance monthly and get penalized if I stop it. Thanks for screwing us over.