Paying Back Advanced Tax Credits (Subsidies)

In the chart, it showed if your income is less than 200% fpl (one in household) you would need to pay back up to 300 dollars in advanced tax credits. Do you think this is close to 100% accurate and was it based on information in the obamacare act itself. I am keeping all your contact info. in my ins. folder for future use, when needing to find a quality affordable plan. I am self employed currently on my farm (ag industry is a high expense industry as a whole) and have a catastrophic only coverage plan (6000 + deductible).

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both my husband and I lost our jobs in 2016 in the Summer. So we got Obamacare for October thru December. Now we have to pay the subsidy back. We still don’t have full time jobs, and are still on Obamacare, but now I have an IRS bill of $3,456, Now I can’t really afford this and my insurance. Will this happen again next tax season?

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