If I use all my tax credits to lower my monthly premium costs, then do I still get money from tax returns for that year.


As long as you didn't take more Advanced Premium Tax Credits Payments then owed, and maintained coverage all year, ObamaCare cost assistance won't affect your tax refund. If you took less than you were owed, you'll get a bigger refund. If you took more than you were owed, or didn't have coverage (and didn't qualify for exemptions), then you may owe some back. Learn more about filing taxes under the ACA.

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Andrea Saliba on

I made less than 25k had subsidised Obama care through Humana and the ‘Market Place ” took my entire refund and I owe $53 How did this benefit me? The insurance was not usable unless I had bills over $6000 for the year of coverage. If I would have just not got involved and paid the fine I would get $100 refund. CRAZY