I am changing jobs. My last day with my former employer is on 2/27 and my insurance ends.
My new insurance with me new employer doesn’t start until 6/1. In the interim i will get short term insurance to cover me for any illnesses. There is approximately 93 days between coverages.
Will I have to pay an Obamacare penalty?


If you go for three months months or more in a row without coverage, or an exemption, then you will owe the fee. You can avoid the fee by:

  • Getting covered during open enrollment. Then taking the exemption for getting covered during open enrollment on form 8965.
  • Having less than three months in a row without coverage (at least two full months and one day in the third month). Then climbing the short coverage gap exemption.
  • Getting a plan through special enrollment in between other coverage options to avoid coverage gap.
  • Getting another exemption.

The 90 day waiting period can be a little awkward under the ACA, since 90 days can be just a little too long to go without coverage, but using the options above you should be able to come up with something. And remember, even if you owe the fee. It's 1/12 of the total fee per month you don't have coverage or an exemption. So you could be talking about as little as one month of the fee if you do nothing during the waiting period.

Learn more about exemptions and the fee.

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Sarah on

Help! Hello, I am switching in between full time jobs, so my insurance from job 1 ended January 31st and my insurance from job 2 starts on May 1st. I counted and that is exactly 90 days without insurance. Will I have to pay a penalty?


I am switching jobs and will be without health insurance for December and January will i have to pay a fee?