I have misplaced my original form 1095A that was sent to me.. I have to fill this out in order to file my taxes. Can I have another one sent to me with the calculations on it?


If you misplaced a 1095-A you can find it online. You can also find the information on your 1095 yourself, or request another copy from the Marketplace.

Find your Form 1095-A online

  • Log in to Marketplace account
  • Select your 2014 application (be sure you’re not choosing your 2015 coverage application)
  • Select “Tax forms” from the menu on the left
  • View or download each Form 1095-A
  • All 1095-As are also available with your Marketplace messages

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david macdougall on

I signed up last summer for the ACA, I need my 1095a to file , how can I get a copy

Elijah P. Skaggs on

I need my 1095 A for 2017

It is not in my Messages and my 2017 application is not showing on my Marketplace Account either.

I have lost my coverage due to not receiving this form.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Have you tried explaining this to the marketplace? Also, if you lost coverage due to this, I would appeal and self file the form. That is flat out wrong on the part of the marketplace / IRS!