I have misplaced my original form 1095A that was sent to me.. I have to fill this out in order to file my taxes. Can I have another one sent to me with the calculations on it?


If you misplaced a 1095-A you can find it online. You can also find the information on your 1095 yourself, or request another copy from the Marketplace.

How to find your Form 1095-A online:

  • Log in to Marketplace account
  • Select your 2014 application (be sure you’re not choosing your 2015 coverage application)
  • Select “Tax forms” from the menu on the left
  • View or download each Form 1095-A
  • All 1095-As are also available with your Marketplace messages

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david macdougall on

I signed up last summer for the ACA, I need my 1095a to file , how can I get a copy

Elijah P. Skaggs on

I need my 1095 A for 2017

It is not in my Messages and my 2017 application is not showing on my Marketplace Account either.

I have lost my coverage due to not receiving this form.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Have you tried explaining this to the marketplace? Also, if you lost coverage due to this, I would appeal and self file the form. That is flat out wrong on the part of the marketplace / IRS!

Lacee on

My mother has me on her policy. She said I don’t have a 1095-A form . What happens if I don’t reply to the letter from IRS?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

The 1095 is used to help you fill out forms like form 8962 for tax credits and is used to prove you had coverage. A copy is sent to you and the IRS. If a 1095-A, the kind the marketplace sends, was never sent out to the policy holder, then it could cause issues. If however the policy holder just never got a copy, it is as easy as logging into your marketplace account and finding it on there (feel free to contact the marketplace if you can’t find it).

Since your mother is the policy holder in this case, she is going to get the 1095-A and she should be filing for you as a dependent. As a rule of thumb a coverage family should be filing together as a tax family!

Mitch S Molling on

I need my 2018 1095a

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Just contact the marketplace (healthcare.gov or your state exchange) and let them know. It should be in your account online, but if you need help finding it or don’t see it, let them know.

jimmy W Sweet on

I did not receive my 1095A this year. I need it file my taxes can you email it to me

ObamaCareFacts.com on

We are not healthcare.gov or the state marketplace. You should log into your healthcare.gov or state marketplace account and request your 1095A on there. If you have issues, simply call healthcare.gov.


Maria Lopez on

I need a replacement of my 1095A how do I get it?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

You can get a copy from the marketplace (healthcare.gov or your state exchange). You’ll find it in your profile, if you have trouble you can call the helpline. That is going to be the solution unless your’s was never filed or there was a specific problem, but even then the marketplace is the right place to start with such an issue.

Philip Mariconda on

“Find your Form 1095-A online” does not work on Google Chrome.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

We updated it to make it clearer. Thank you!

Joseph converso on

I need my 1095a form from 2021 that is not getting it for me.I don’t have my password I have Google chrome.I still need my form

Richard Budden on

I didn’t receive my 1095A FORM. HOW DO I GET IT?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

How to receive your 1095A if you didn’t get it is explained above. In most cases, you can download it from the federal or state website you used to enroll and manage cost assistance.