Does International Private Insurance Count Under ObamaCare?

Does an employee in Texas, under a TN visa (1 year ), with a private international health insurance, have to purchase health insurance through the insurance marketplace? Or does international medical insurance cover Obamacare requirement.

If the international insurance cover there any tax or penalty that must be paid ?

In your case , what requirement must meet an employee (TN visa for 1 year ) in Texas to meet Obamacare.

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This answer is useless. The question was about private health insurance, not group health insurance.


I agree with you, I don’t know how it ended up with such a short answer. Perhaps because we answer the question in detail here:

Thanks for the heads up, I added the necessary information to the page!


my wife an i would like to live in the Phillipines and have insurance there. Would that be considered min. essential coverage?

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