If I missed the deadline to sign up what are my options mow? If I manage to get health insurance afterwards do will I still have that $300 plus penalty next year?


If you miss the deadline then you have the following choices:

That may seem like a narrow amount of choices, but on the plus side there are a good amount of qualifying life events that will allow you to enroll. There are also over 20 exemptions.

Keep your fingers crossed, there may be another option for people to enroll closer to tax time. Although, no official word is out on this as of February 20th, 2015.

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You can also still try to find an insurer selling ACA qualified coverage year-round. Insurers are under no obligation to keep to the Marketplaces open enrollment period, though most do. If you live in Nevada, you will have more luck than in other states because they passed a law in 2014 requiring insurers to make all marketplace plans available at anytime. ACA qualified plans purchased outside of open enrollment will keep you from paying the fee for those months you are insured, but they aren’t eligible for Premium Tax Credits or subsidies.