I signed up for Obama care and was told I might be eligible for Medicaid so on dec 15th 2014. I put in my Medicaid app. just got a letter yesterday 2-17-2015 that I was approved for EMERGECY ONLY Medicaid. So my question is, do I need to sign up at market place to get my blue cross blue shield back ? I don’t have the money to pay for all this stuff myself Dr. office . meds I am laid off and only get $133 a week.


If you got enrolled in emergency only Medicaid you aren't exempt from the fee based on coverage, luckily your acceptance letter should double as a denial.

A Medicaid rejection letter triggers a special enrollment period in healthcare.gov. That would allow you to shop outside of open enrollment.

Please note, you can keep your Medicaid limited benefit coverage. You don't have to switch off it unless you fail to qualify for it.

Important: If you have limited Medicaid coverage, when you fill out a Marketplace application and are asked whether you have coverage now, don’t check the box saying you have Medicaid. Check “None of the above” instead.

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