How do I Cancel Duplicate ObamaCare Application?

My sister submitted an application under my name. My sister was not aware that I am currently covered under my father’s employer sponsored insurance.

I would like to cancel the application for health care coverage through Obamacare. What do I have to do to cancel the application for medical coverage?

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“Your cancellation can take effect as soon as 14 days from the day you cancel. The Marketplace will collect premiums for this final two-week period of coverage.”

Not only is that a lie, but it is bull****. My children were enrolled in 2015 with no problem. I canceled the plan 30 day early and chose a new plan for 2016. Now i’m paying for both plans even though their website and telephone representative stated that my 2015 contract ended om 12/31/2015. Simple fix right? Just send the 2015 medical company a letter stating the contract was terminated on 12/31/15. Nope didn’t happen 59 days, $800 later all I get is an escalation case ID# and told to wait for a telephone call. To make things worse on 2/24/16 they sent the company for the canceled policy a request to update the premium. Seriously, what part of TERMINATE POLICY they did not understand?

And by the way went they request an escalation on your account it can takes up to 30 days. So if your policy is not cancelled in 14 days, plan on getting an escalation that will take up to 30 days. After 30 days you get an “I’m sorry” let me fill out another escalation form. Next year I will just pay the penalty!!!


State: North Carolina

I purchased my plan through the exchange in January of 2015 but did not qualify for subsidies. I was offered and accepted a new position near the end of April of this year. The insurance coverage took effect immediately. That day I contacted the exchange and tried to cancel my coverage effectively immediately. I was notified of this 14 minimum day policy at that time. I have never heard of this rule beforehand. Within hours, not days, my healthcare insurance provider contacted me to verify that I was cancelling. I told them that I wanted to cancel coverage immediately. They said they could accommodate that, but because I purchased the policy through the exchange, instead of through them directly (which would have been the same price), I had to abide by the 14 wait. My question is this: What purpose is there in this rule. My policy cost me $1000 per month. Therefore, this rule is putting a $500 ding in my wallet and for no reason. I could understand if I was receiving subsidies, but I am not. Is this rule even legal and could it pose a future lawsuit and ammo for opponents of the Affordable Care Act?

To continue the saga: The worker made a mistake and put May 31st instead of May 8th (which would have been 14 days.) I call repeatedly asking them to fix this. They submitted 2 different escalation requests. I never heard back. Out of the blue, I received a letter from my insurance company dated June 3rd indicating that they have cancelled my policy as of May 8th. I thought my woe’s were at an end. But not so… They refuse to refund my May payment (May 8th – 31st) until the healthcare exchange shows the May 8th on my record in their system. I called the healthcare exchange again and they show that the escalation was completed on June 2nd but there were no notes in the system and I was still showing a May 31st cancellation date. They started another escalation process yesterday. This leads to another month without my refund. I calculated my time spend on the phone and between the healthcare exchange and my insurance company, I have wasted 15 hours of my time being passed around, placed on hold, and being told to call back.

This is how this rule is effecting me financially:

1. If I could have canceled if I had avoided purchasing through the exchange – and went directly to the insurance company, I would have received a $225 refund when I canceled.

2. Because of this rule, I am paying an additional $500

3. It is now mid July, and with no refund at all due to the rule and consistent employee incompetence, I am out $1250. This is more than double my house payment and is crippling us financially.


The 14 day rule is real. I assume it has to do with coordinating with the insurer and tax credits. Still this is very unfortunate.

“If you’re ending coverage for everyone on the application, your cancellation can take effect as soon as 14 days from the day you cancel. The Marketplace will collect premiums for this final two-week period of coverage. You can set the end date to a day more than 14 days in the future – like if you know your new coverage will start on the first day of the following month, and that’s more than two weeks away.”

Termination of coverage

DISCLAIMER – THIS IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE, but rather a description of my experience with the Obamacare: Had a similarla experience to most people here with trying to terminate my Qualified Health Plan (QHP) because of the 14 days cancellation policy the Exchange/Marketplace has (which they don’t inform you about until you actually try to cancel). Neither the actual QHP issuer or the marketplace knew what they were doing and I was even told (by the marketplace) that the 14 days cannot be waived, unless there was a natural disaster or an immediate threat to my health (I have no idea where the Marketplace representative got these exceptions from). However, I stumbled upon 45 CFR 155.430(d)(1)(i), which explains where the 14 days termination notice comes from and 45 CFR 155.430(d)(2)(i)-(v), which lists some of the exceptions to the 14 days cancellation time frame:


Well first off, that sounds like a really bad situation. Sorry to hear this. You can appeal this Second, our answer says that applying twice isn’t the problem, enrolling twice is. In order to have 3 insurance plans you had to have enrolled three times. At this point you need to get on the phone with the Marketplace and your insurer, explain to them what happened, and dis-enroll in the excess plans. If this is all through the same insurer it will be easier to rectify. You’ll need to account for any cost assistance given on the other plans, so do make sure to sort this out with both the insurers and the Marketplace. Please feel free to share your experience below so others can learn and perhaps assist you with your process.


That’s a bull-**** lie. I tried to do that twice and ended up with 9 applications, 3 insurance plans, and 6 months worth of insurance premium bills I never knew I had. That’s a total of $1500 just to save $225 a month! What’s worse? How about the fact that I cannot even cancel any of them because the enrollment period for it is dated for termination at the same time 30 days from now because the website for the agent doesn’t let them fix it!!! AND what is EVEN FAR WORSE THAN THAT? How about the fact that you can’t get a member ID until you pay the premium and you can’t do that without registering on the website for the place you get the insurance, which takes 3 to 5 business days, but you can’t register without a member ID, so you have to stay on the phone for 20 minutes, go through 3 different people just to get transferred to the right place to be told you can’t DO ANYTHING until they get all of the policies you didn’t know you signed up for IN the first place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F*** THIS!!!!!!!!!

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