back in November 2014 I was laid off, I was concerned because I was facing no health care coverage. I went on line and with the assistance of a health care obama care worker I was able to sign up and at that point it was supposed to go into effect on 4-1-2015. In December my wife’s employer started offering benefits. We were able to enroll with her employer and our insurance went into effect immediately 1-1-15. No initial payment was ever made on the Obama plan due to our fortunate timing of my wife’s plan. I tried on numerous occasions to cancel what I have put into motion in November 2014 but have been unsuccessful. In fact even today I received another call asking me why we have never made a payment. I explained but she said he wasn’t able to cancel my on line Obama application. Can you help me?


If you enroll in a policy and never pay the first month premium then the policy never starts. You should still attempt to cancel the policy to avoid potential tax issues (where credits are issued despite the policy never starting). Sometimes you will need to call the Marketplace and insurer to confirm a cancellation. If you have complications, despite never paying a premium you can appeal this and have it sorted out.

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