Do Employers have to Provide Insurance to Seniors with Medicare?

Does an employer have any responsibility for an employee’s medical insurance if the employee is a senior on medicare and has a supplemental policy?

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I’m 66 and enrolled in Parts A and B. I’m a full-time employee in a business with more than 50 full-time employees. I’ve moved out of the service area of the group health plan offered by my employer. That insurance is no longer available to me. Can my employer pay for a Part C plan offered where I live or reimburse me for the Part C plan if I purchase it? I would be the only employee on the plan.


Very confusing. I’m a retiree over 65 and I just want to know if an employer is required to provide me with insurance. Save the detail about deferring Part B for last.


Essentially the employer will offer coverage based on hours, but if you are over 65 and have access to Medicare then you get to make your own choice. The answer is detailed and this CMS approved page explains it well:


Is an employer required to provide insurance after 65 when they did so prior to age 65. Signed up for medicare – is the employer obligated to pay the premiums? The prior question was not answered.


Employers must offer a plan to over 65 if they otherwise would offer a plan, and they can pay a portion of supplemental Medicare… but I don’t think they can pay a portion of original Medicare.

Learn more at Medicare.Gov:

And at Medicare.Com (private site run by eHealth I think):

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