I take care of my disabled mother. She lives on her own but needs transportation to all of her appointments and errands. I also pay for her groceries at least once a month, fuel costs, and some of her utilities. I understand I need to provide some receipts to prove this. I don’t really keep the receipts for groceries or fuel. I do have some of her utilities bills I have paid, but they don’t send receipts when you pay an electric bill for instance. What should I provide to make sure I can qualify for this exemption?


You're going to want to apply for a Hardship Exemption - specifically, the ninth exemption listed on the first page of the Application for a Hardship Exemption.  With the completed application, you're going to need to provide "receipts for bills or services related to care, like medical bills, home care services, or transportation receipts."

If you haven't been keeping these receipts yet, you should start doing so as soon as possible.  With expenses such as utilities, you should try to get past receipts either electronically or from the company itself.

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