I have worked for a public school district for the last 7 years. My employer does not offer insurance to anyone who works less than 35 hours. They purposely do not allow us to work 35 hours a week, therefore, they do not have to offer any insurance.

My question is that Obama care lowered the work hours to 30 per week to be considered full time and eligible for health insurance.

When exactly does this law take effect? I have not received any notifications from my employer that I may be eligible to receive insurance benefits. The web site said 2015/2016. Which is it? Is there a specific date?

Thank you, my husband is ill and will be losing our family health coverage thru his employer soon. I need to know what my options are. Any help is appreciated.


If your employer has more than 100 full-time equivalent employees (FTE) they must offer coverage to 75% of full-time workers in 2015, and those with over 50 FTE need to offer coverage to 95% of full-time workers by 2016. In the meantime you can get marketplace coverage.

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