I got laid off and only have unemployment.  How can I get affordable healthcare?


If you're unemployed, you may qualify for three types of coverage:

  • Medicaid
  • The Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
  • Cost assistance on private insurance plans through your states Health Insurance Marketplace.

Your eligibility for each of these three types of coverage is dependent on your household income (which does include unemployment compensation).

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Choisee Green on

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I’m a convicted felon and has been trying to get a job, and can’t because when they ask you have you ever been convicted of a felony and you said yes interview is over. what they tell you to come become a productive citizen and how can you with no job. I do have health problems and need to see a doctor.

who on

me to

Jeannie Schroeder on

My son is 43 years old and a convicted felon. He has not been able to find employment. He is living with me I’m 66 years old on medicare and medicaid I gave a very limited income. He is having health issues and has no insurance or income. What can he do.

From Wisconsin on

I’m in the same boat, with a bachelor’s of science in sociology w/an emphasis in criminal justice. For selling marijuana to a”friend” who was wearing a wire.

No one even would think or label me as a felon, yet it hangs over my head like a glass ceiling. It’s unfortunate we’re stuck in this quagmire.

Heather on

This is such a sad aituation the American govt has put felons in. It should not be asked when getting health coverage. Jobs. Or anything. Once they serve their time. That should be that. It’s continuous torture for this people. Not fair.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

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That is frustrating, keep at it though. Not ever employer is going to hire you, but there are employers out there that understand that life can be hard and are willing to give people in your position a chance. In the meantime have you looked into Medicaid? Depending upon your state you may have Medicaid options under Medicaid expansion.

who on

they say i cant get medicad so im here in pain every day

Clayton Brewer on

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How do i get health & dental insurance with no income? I been unemployed a year now. But i need med & dental insurance. At my age i need to see a dr regularly

ObamaCareFacts.com on

If your state expanded Medicaid then Medicaid provides free or low-cost medical coverage. That coverage can be enrolled in 365 days a year by contacting your state Medicaid office. Dental is only provided as part of CHIP (for children and some parents and pregnant mothers). That being said in some states Medicaid does provide dental coverage and in most states emergency dental is covered. You can learn more here: http://www.medicaid.gov/Medicaid-CHIP-Program-Information/By-Topics/Benefits/Dental-Care.html

Justin oden on

I’m 23 I had scoliosis at age 16 and had Medicaid at that time now I don’t qualify for Medicaid I am in pain all the time and unemployed how can I get health insurance

Mark Ivy on

I have been unemployed for a year . I am paying 400.00 dollars a month for Cobra insurance with no income. What options do i ha ve

ObamaCareFacts.com on

You should get coverage during open enrollment or when COBRA ends via special enrollment. You can’t switch to other coverage once you are on COBRA unless it’s open enrollment, you have a qualifying life event that triggers special enrollment, or another coverage option (like employer coverage) becomes available.

jay on

I am so sorry to hear about you paying so MUCH a month without having income. I know first hand how hard it can be just to survive much less worry about having to have insurance. I understand some people have to have health insurance for medical reasons, but what a lot of people do not know, ( and they wont tell you, you have to research it yourself, I do taxes so I know the rules) is there are a few things that can exempt you from the tax fine. a hardship in life like, death in family, if you have received ONE shut of notice for utilities for the year, (doesn’t have to be cut off,just notice of warning notice of being cut off), if you make under a certain income that automatically makes you exempt, I made 14,000 last year and was exempt due to income. Although the best way to do it is just enroll in the marketplace and don’t pick a plan and you will get a tax exempt number. But I have also done taxes where someone didn’t apply to marketplace or Obamacare and after doing their taxes they was automatically given a exempt number at that time. Also, if you don’t have Any income you should qualify for medicaid or some kind of program.I hope this helps you, my heart goes out to you and the best of luck!

Shelania Johnson on

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Thank you for providing the information that I need.

jim williams on

I am 57 years old and will be losing my job nov.13th where and how do i find insurance i never have had to before.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

If you are going to lose coverage through your employer simply enroll with HeatlhCare.gov via special enrollment. You can apply up to 30 days before you lose coverage and start your plan or enroll up to 60 days after.

jay on

If you don’t have Any income you should qualify for medicaid or some kind of program.I hope this helps you, my heart goes out to you and the best of luck!

Frustrated AF on

That’s not necessarily the case in all states. I’ve been laid off, out of unemployment, receiving zero income, and STILL I do not qualify in my state for Medicaid “because I have no income” and my state did not include the Medicare/Medicaid Expansion Plan. If I were making some money THEN I would magically qualify. Someone please explain to me how that is helping those in need?
I guess they want everyone with specialized degrees and decades of experience that are having a hard time finding work to run out and grab up any job that they can get their hands on, so that the people that are only limited to those few jobs don’t stand a chance of ever getting one.
What was the point of going to years of college for if I was just going to end up back waiting tables again for $2.15/hr?
Looking for a job IS a full-time job!
It’s frustrating for everyone, guys. I feel for those of you with pasts that are holding you back. I can’t even imagine that being added to the load.
Good luck out there.

Lance Duvall on

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I had great insurance, but ir ended the day I was laid off. There was no other reason for the lay offs except for the ears of the cost of oil and cutbacks. My wife has been very ill this year. She needs a lot to be able to go to the dormer and well as pay for the 17 medications she is on each month for the brain trauma she struggles with.

Kit on

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I am an unemployed full time student and my notice said I do you not qualify for assistance because my income is too high. F obamacare it’s Bologna

ObamaCareFacts.com on

This is actually because your state rejected Medicaid expansion under the law. In other words ObamaCare was supposed to help but the conservatives / libertarians fought tooth and nail to ensure 20 states are currently rejecting coverage for those below the 100% poverty line. I.e. it’s not Obama or ObamaCare in this instance that has caused your sticking point.

Cd on

Yeah just like you can keep your plan if you’re u like it!

Sanja Glisic on

my father got a green card through his daughter’s (mine) citizenship and decided to come to US and live with me. He is 77 and doesn’t have a job. Which type of health insurance can he get?
Thank you!

ObamaCareFacts.com on

His best bet will likely be HealthCare.Gov. He’ll need to claim at least 100% FPL income. If he isn’t gonna make it on his own you could file taxes with him as part of the family and all share a family plan. That cost assistance will be based on total household income and family size.

bones daddy on

Tell him to go home and leach off of his own country and leave the small amount of what us tax paying citizens put out to get help when we need it from our overtaxed underpaid jobs that we work our lives for and get nothing cause we work and make money we are supposed to be able to afford all out Healthcare even if it means not to eat or have any of our income left at all after taxes and insurance. Then we get fined for getting laid off and not being able to afford cobra for 800 a month out of our 2000 dollars of unemployment that’s taxed again down to 1600 so half our income is affordable Healthcare to this fucked up government but you damn leaches come and enjoy what us lifelong citizens pay into from the age 14 at least I did and can’t even get coverage so I owe two years salary to damn medical bills while you leaches come here never paid taxes here ever and recipe anything you want cause your fuckin kid is here bullshit that’s your answers go home and deplete your own country we have enough people that deserve it and paid into it meaning anything government subsidiary that our lifelong taxes permit our country to provide for people that never paid tax here in their lives

yungMetr0 on

Wow. Said the same thing over and over again and turned it into a paragraph. You must be a trump supporter.

Fgb on

Wow that’s pretty rude! So do I have to go back to my country?

Kathy Stephens on

Who are you to tell someone to leave “your country” when our ancestors weren’t even born in this country….they invaded and claimed it from the indians…so should all of us white folks leave and take all of the Africans with us that were brought here forcibly? Enough is enough on the “its the white mans land and country” mentality….read up on history before you start bullying people for being here just a little later than you were. God gave the Earth to all men to inhabit…its idiots like you that have divided us all!!!

Campell on

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Hello there i recently bee. Out of a job for some time i been going through many doctor visits i end up with out a job i spent most of my savings and now i been call that i require bladder removal surgery i call for medicaid expansion and they dont have it here please somebody help i dont have a job and with my parents i am 23

Michael Calloway on

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Hello, I have been unemployed for over 5 years, through no fault of my own. I have applied to over 150 openings, 5 interviews, no job.. I am 57 years old, no criminal background can pass a drug screen when asked. I am currently on Medicare, SNAPs and Section 8.. I cant’ afford glasses, I need fillings.. There is no Dental Care for Medicare patients here. Being without an income I can’t pay for glasses, Molina will only pay $130.00, glasses are $190.00.

Nathaniel Jackson Jr. on

I have health problems can see my without health insurance can’t pay for health care what do I do need help

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Emergency situations should be resolved at a public hospital’s emergency room. If your income is low you should call your state Medicaid office. If your income isn’t low call HealthCare.Gov and ask for help figuring out the best solution for you.

stacy on

I can not work my kidneys shut down on me when I get to hot

g on

I’m a convicted felon and have no income at this time. I have an dental abscess and in pain for a long time now. I have tried to get Medi-Cal and have been denied because I owe child support. Is there any options for someone like me???

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Wow! I had no clue. That is awful. Have you checked local assistance programs? Sometimes there is charity based dental or cheap dental from schools. My heart goes out to you, whatever problems you had in the past I can’t imagine being a convicted felon and being denied Medi-cal is helping. Turning to a local community for help is probably a good move.

Brian Rios on

Go to county hospital. They will pull the tooth… I don’t think they even try to save the tooth… But they will make the pain end.

Elena on

I am getting a divorce and will need health insurance for myself. I am 60 years old and have type 2 Diabetis, and I am unemployed at the moment.

What can you suggest I need or perhaps what plan I can look into.

Thank you.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

If your income is between 100% – 400% of the poverty level you should likely go with a marketplace plan. Call HealthCare.Gov and get their help finding the right plan for you. That is what they are there for!

Debby on

Ok, by reading this it appears that being forced to have health care insurance is more important that losing your home, not eating, not paying your obligations. We’ve been unemployed for almost 5 months. Cobra is a house payment. We’ve cancelled auto insurance on one car and sharing a car. We keep our heat at 55 to 60. We use coupons, by generic and shop sales for food. We cannot afford “affordable care”. Without losing everything. What now?

Jay on

I am a 53 year old Information Technology US citizen planning to return to the US with my wife after 7 years abroad. I am actively looking for a job, but so far haven’t found any. How can I get medical insurance cover till I get a job in the US, and what would be the estimated cost of that coverage for me and my wife ?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

The simplest solution is call healthcare.gov and set up coverage before you return. Cost is based on your projected income for the upcoming tax year, so keep that in mind. Some state’s offer Medicaid too.

richard on

very stupid if your unemployed house hold income would be not a factor at all no enployment no money so how do you factor in something that is not there in your answer,another point is alot of young and unskilled workers are part time and min wage its cheaper not to work at all then get insurance alot of them now work under the table when obama care was about to start alot of my friends that had employees got rid of them because it was simply cheaper not to have employees as a small business owners the bottom line small businesses make more money working less i do belive that small businesses factor in a big portion of are nation earnings so now it is truly smater to stay a true small business myself iam a small business owner and i will mot hore people any more it cost to much money to keep them around and train them for a 4 or 5 years so they just go elsewhere this is the pistion obama care put myself and alot of others in insurance is just why out of hand now i dont have to buy commercial auto insurance,worker comp, health insurance,and my liabitly insurance cost alot less so i earn less pay less but earn the same money alot of us found that out so why would we evwr go back and the largeer small businesses thay i have first hand info about cant keep going on and are going under so obama care what a waste it was a good ideal but i the wrong time and bery poor planing and reasoning

richard on

very stupid if your unemployed house hold income would be not a factor at all no enployment no money so how do you factor in something that is not there in your answer,another point is alot of young and unskilled workers are part time and min wage its cheaper not to work at all then get insurance alot of them now work under the table when obama care was about to start alot of my friends that had employees got rid of them because it was simply cheaper not to have employees as a small business owners the bottom line small businesses make more money working less i do belive that small businesses factor in a big portion of are nation earnings so now it is truly smater to stay a true small business myself iam a small business owner and i will mot hire people any more it cost to much money to keep them around and train them for a 4 or 5 years so they just go elsewhere this is the pistion obama care put myself and alot of others in insurance is just why out of hand now i dont have to buy commercial auto insurance,worker comp, health insurance,and my liabitly insurance cost alot less so i earn less pay less but earn the same money alot of us found that out so why would we ever go back and the larget small businesses thay i have first hand info about cant keep going on and are going under so obama care what a waste it was a good ideal but at the wrong time and very poor planing and reasoning

Sheila Gregory on

I live in North Carolina, and have been unemployed for almost 3 years. I was told last year that I wouldn’t be penalized because the state of North Carolina will not accept funds for the unemployed . What must I do to not be penalized. I have not received any unemployment compensation.

EUnderhill on

If you are not filing any tax returns, then you don’t need to do anything. You won’t have any penalty applied. If you are filing a tax return, there are exemptions that you can apply on your return to prevent the penalty. See http://www.irs.gov and http://www.healthcare.gov for more info on the exemptions.

Daniel D. Rodriguez on

I graduated with a B.A. In secondary education with history as a minor, But I haven’t found any (long-term) employment opportunities. Since school, I have been relying on relatives for shelter and food. I wanted to know, whether or not, these conditions qualify for any obamacare exemptions. I know there is an exemption for incomes that are lower than a specific amount, I don’t know whether no income would also qualify. If you can please explain or direct me to anyone who can help I would appreciate it. If I do qualify for the exemption will I still be eligible for Medicaid?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

So this all depends on what state you live in. You should contact healthcare.gov and your state medicaid department.

You could qualify for many exemptions based on your status, but most depend on income and if you can find another coverage source.


EUnderhill on

Yes the exemptions do apply. Having no income puts you way below the poverty line. Without an income, you can’t possibly buy and pay for health coverage over the exchange let alone buy and pay for government subsidized reduced coverage. The only thing that could possibly get you coverage is through your state’s medicare expanded program if you are in a state that has the expanded medicare. If you are not in a state that has the expanded medicare, then you are already exempt from the penalty and you just put that exemption on your tax return. This all assumes, that you are filing a tax return, however. If you are not, then nothing needs to be done as you are exempt by not filing. ie no income to tax.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

100% correct.

Todd on

I am currently unemployed but believe I will be employed very soon. My current estimate (based on the fact that I do not know what I will make) only includes my unemployment insurance, and therefore I qualify for Medicaid. How does this work if I get a job shortly thereafter, thereby changing my financial situation? The new job does not offer insurance.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

With Medicaid you don’t have to pay back money, so you can just stay on Medicaid until your income changes that. If you get an offer for coverage at work, take that. If not, then wait until they kick you off Medicaid and use that to enroll in the Marketplace based on special enrollment (don’t forget tax credits are based on total annual household income). https://obamacarefacts.com/modified-adjusted-gross-income-magi/

Rebeca on

My husband recieved unemployment last year but not for the full year. Right now he is a full time student and I am the only one working. Our daughter has CHIP but we do not have any insurance. What are our options?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

You should apply for Medicaid, if you get denied and project to make over 100% FPL (100% of the Federal Poverty Level) you can get tax credits. If not, then (in some instances) you can look into catastrophic coverage due to the Medicaid denial.

It is hard to give exact advice as the options differ by situation. Generally contacting healthcare.gov for more info is a good call. You have a issue though because open enrollment is over at the moment.

So key ideas here: Call healthcare.gov, understand federal poverty level, the marketplace, medicaid expansion, and open enrollment. Worst case you can look into short term coverage.

Greg McKenzie on

I have been unemployed since last February. I need health insurance as soon as possible.

Beverly Johnson on

Am recently unemployed, just received approval for unemployment benefits. Need health ins. Have no income.

Penny on

My daughter will be 26 this August and is a full time student in college. Right now I have insurance on both of us through the market place. When she turns 26, how can she get insurance then? Our state did no expand Medicaid and I can get insurance through where I work, I just could not afford the family plan. How will she get health insurance and will I have to pay the fee for her not having insurance if she is a full time student? Please help.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Sometimes the school will offer a student health plan, that typically counts as minimum essential coverage.

Gfa on

I left my job for few months now because of illegal activity by the owner that I did not approve so don’t get any unemployment and can’t afford the high cost of Cobra so what are my options now to get some kind of health insurance until I find a new job that actually has a health insurance benefits, I am in FL

Terry on

Where can I get insurance for free for unemployed people?

Eyesinbackofheadsince5 on

are we the 10% that I hear that gorilla cookies is going to find heathcare for??? ummmmmmmmmmmm, not enrolled in heathcare terrorist, we’ll be called.. No job means no money in this world, I know why your not getting any answers,, because the second you tell them you have no job,guess what??? youll be fined a tax for not having Heathcare.. and when the US dollar crashes and they get rid of paper and everyone goes on this CREDIT type card,,, WHOMEVER doesn’t have coverage is going to prison for owing taxes…. ill gladly tell you,, I’m not frightened by people who threaten me,, I think I’ve been dealing with threats since the age of 5….. grow eyes in the back of your head until you can find a job or disappear… you can also say that your an illegal and get all sorts of free crap… I heard they can also get free pretzels at the mall if you throw a tantrum as soon as you climb in the country….. or you can take a dump on a Psychiatrist desk then play with yourself in the corner, claiming rats open and close your zipper for you with little or no prompt or promises of cheese that we all cant afford…. I think that the last of the cows got foot and mouth disease so no-one gets the GVT cheese anymore,, that’s a strong hint that things are coming to an end.. if your 50 and have a hangnail good luck finding work…

Paul Szymczak on

I got fired from my job and lost health insurance. I have made too much YTD to qualify for assistance. Since there is 7 months left in the year and my unemployment is $275 a week for only 12 weeks. My Obamacare is $400 a month that leaves $700 per month to live on. So in the Federal Gov’t wisdom, which bills do I NOT pay to afford my Obamacare?
1) Mortgage-$1500 per month?
2) Auto expense $500? (Sell if so I can’t find a job)
3) Utilities? $200
4) Dependent support $200 (kick my 88 year old parent out into the street)?
5) accumulated medical bills $2500 ( they put you into collections then ruin your credit) thus no new job?
6) Job search expense? $200 Just give up and life below the poverty line and on federal assistance?
7) Drop accident insurance that actually pays claims? $50?

Any help in prioritizing per a government recommendation would be helpful. Did anyone bother to think about the whole loss your income THEN manidate a new month obligation? Just curious.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

You hit the nail on the head here. The expenses adds up, we in the middle-class know, and the fact seems lost on those at the top sometimes. Gotta speak with your vote…

George bruns on

I’m uemeployed, divorced living alone with my parents, 2 kids living with mom are injured under Moms policy. How can I get health insurance. I hear Ombama Care cots $600/month. I’m 48.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

That isn’t true, costs are based on income, you might have access to free or low cost coverage through Medicaid or through marketplace tax credits. You want to contact healthcare.gov. https://www.healthcare.gov/contact-us/

JonDavid Adkins on

I just got layed off I don’t have a job but needs health insurance

Micheal newcomb on

Just got laid of from ford motets need health insurance for my family

ObamaCareFacts.com on

The best thing to do when laid off is to call healthcare.gov.


Dioris Duarte on

Im unemployed and I want to have medicaid



ObamaCareFacts.com on

When you lose coverage you have a window of time to enroll in a marketplace plan, that window being 60 days. Due to the situation you might have a slight bit of wiggle room. I would call the marketplace ASAP!

Kimberly Waldron on


Is there a plan for recently graduated college students (undergrad and graduate level)? Especially new graduates who have not found a job yet or started their career.

Please help,

Robert Holden on

My unemployment does not meet my monthly expenses; therefore, I cannot afford Obamacare. What am I to do?

Rommelyn Zimmerman on

i’m an immigrant Greencard Holder and still unemployed, how can i get an affordable health insurance?

ObamaCareFacts.com on
J on

I am 26. I applied for health insurance and the lowest I could get is $217 a month. I have a college degree, but I can only work a minimum wage job because of the poor economy. I still live with my parents. I qualified for Medicaid but I didn’t take it because of the shoddy health provider options. This is ridiculous. I’ll be fined if I don’t have insurance but the coverage I have now is too expensive and I can’t find a better paying job with benefits. Also, I want to teach abroad in another country. If I get a job overseas, what do I do about my health insurance in the states?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

In an instance like this I would say Medicaid is the best option, that will protect you from the fee and give you health options. If you travel outside of the states then you can get exempt from coverage due to the physical presence test (in some cases). http://www.usexpattaxhelp.com/us-citizens-what-is-physical-presence-test.php

John on

I am an individual with no income I live with my brother who has income am I eligible

Sharee Armstrong on

My year to date income on my former job was $26,500 before I was laid off (June 30, 2016). If I continue to draw unemployment, July through the end of the year, my approx. combined 2016 income will be $36,000. I am single and, can’t afford Obama Care on unemployment alone. Based on that, I qualify for $107 in tax credit per month towards healthcare. Health and dental plans total $400 on Obama Care per month. I can’t afford to pay even the first premium. What can I do?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

This isn’t an uncommon situation, sometimes you can qualify for Medicaid anyway (based on periods shorter than a year). So you can try calling the state Medicaid department and looking into that.

Thank you for sharing.

Richard Long on

I need health insurance.

richard criss on

iam soon to be laid off an will collect my unemployment which will only cover my household bills,excluding food.iam presently on bllod pressure medicine an need to see a doctor every 3 months for refills.what options do I have

Michael Irvin on

I been laid off I got over cancer I need health insurance.

Anne Strandberg on

I live in NC. I am unemployed, paying bills with savings and family help, and trying to get back in school. I am 52, female, and have no kids or spouse. I don’ qualify for a subsidy or medicaid. BCBS bronze is over $600/mo. That’s 1/2 my mortgage. I het penalized for using retirement funds and for not having insurance
HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GET AFFORDABLE INSURANCE? It is afterall called the affordable healthcare act

Michelle on

I need health insurance. I have no income.

Tom Kaemmerling on

I get $314/week unemployment. My wife makes about $13k/yr. And they want us to pay $1,174/month for ObummerCare. Are they nuts?

Angelica Ayala on

I got fired from my job is it possible that I can get insurance

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Upon getting fired you have a 60 day window to use the marketplace and get special enrollment. So the answer is yes, but you must take immediate action.

Pat J Elia on

I am unemployed and need medical coverage

Pat J Elia on

I am unemployed and need medical coverage. Please call me at ###-###-####

Erin on

If your state has expanded Medicaid, than you will likely be eligible and you can apply through your state’s marketplace. If your state hasn’t expanded Medicaid than unfortunately, you are in a difficult position for finding coverage you can afford with no income. If you apply for Medicaid in a state that hasn’t expanded and are denied coverage, however, than you are exempt from the requirement to have minimal essential coverage and you wont owe the fee. I know that may not help you find coverage, but it’s the best advice outside of getting employed and raising your projected income above 100% FPL so that you are eligible for cost assistance on the Marketplace.

This is really important though, Obamacarefacts.com isn’t able to get you coverage or to call you. This is an informational website. It is a really bad idea to put your phone number into comment threads anywhere on the internet, but especially those completely open to the public for view. I took the liberty of obscuring your phone number to protect you.

Brad Larsen on

What are income levels?

Janet Hall on

OBUMMER CARE is a JOKE!!!!!! My husband lost his job after twenty years they said he made to much in 2016 so we tried for 2017 and they told us no because he hasn’t found a job. This is crap. We are stuck paying 1200 month and staring 1-1-17 some of my medication won’t be covered. This health care act is the biggest pile of crap!!!! people who have worked all their life are flat out screwed. They tell you to get Medicaid right we own our home so that’s out. This is just disgusting!!!!

Erin on

You must have a projected income of 100% to 400% of the Federal Poverty Level in order to be eligible for cost assistance on health insurance purchased through the marketplaces. Your primary home is not counted as an asset against you for Medicaid eligibility unless you are no longer living there because you are living in a long term care facility being paid for by Medicaid.

Cory Rivord on

I have been laid off work and denied unemployment and need to see a behavriol phyciatrist asap. I have no job and no insurance and need help

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Calling healthcare.gov or your state medicaid department is typically a good step when you find yourself in a situation like this.

Mieisha frye on

How can I get insurance

Jenny on

My husband and I just got hit with a 400.00 increase by BC/BS in SC. I am looking for another plan while in open enrollment. BC/BS is about all there is available and the lesser plan is approx 1365.00 monthly for us both and that is about a $12,00O deductible. This is as much as a mortgage payment! We are both in our mid-fifties and good health. We cannot afford to continue down this road any longer.

billie kautz on

How do I get one of these assistance

Mittie Green on

I am unemployed and need health insurance because i am type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure

Derrick Dugas on

I need insurance and coverage

Derrick Dugas on

I’m a convicted felon who is trying to find a job but it’s hard to while being a felon. I need help with this situation

Mark Necker Sr. on

I have been unemployed for 5 months now. I have no other source of income coming in. Iam by my self. I live in my moms basement, wich soon i will have to go. I need medocations wich would help me with being able to work when i finally get hired. I have worked my whole life, This is the longest i have been out of work. How can i get tbe health care i need.

Pete on

i was laid off 3 months into the year and when I checked if can qualify for medicare or reduced cost Obamacare it asked to calculate the monthly salary by adding up the yearly income and dividing it by 12 to get the monthly income. Well I already earned over 93K this year in the first 3 months so what am I suppose to do for the rest of the year now without health assistance? iIf I was laid off on Dec 31st I will get free healthcare. it just doesn’t make sense and unclear with this ailing healthcare system

Larry on

I am 60 years old and lost my job can I get health insurance with no income

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Make sure to check out Medicaid and special enrollment. You should call healthcare.gov and seek advice. That is a good place to start.

Jenny on

I just moved to Idaho and would like to get health insurance for myself. I tried to apply for state health insurance, but since I do not have kids cannot get this insurance. I do not have a job nor plan to get one. Is there any way that I can get health insurance?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

You can use the marketplace and enroll in special enrollment within 60 days after the day you moved in. You aren’t able to get Medicaid, because Idaho didn’t expand Medicaid, but you can still use the marketplace and get assistance based on income (if you make between 100% – 400% of the Federal Poverty Level).

Gregg on

I am going to be unemployed this week and I need heath insurance for myself and my wife with no money coming in . What Can I do ?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

You can contact your state Medicaid department and you can contact the marketplace. That would be my two goto answers for a first stop in a situation like that.


I am unemoyed and need health care insurance. Can you please help

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HealthCare.gov or your state Medicaid department is always a good first step. A public hospital can generally help point you in the right direction too.

Here is a page on free healthcare options for more reading: https://obamacarefacts.com/how-can-i-get-free-healthcare/

Chris Mclaughlin on

I was working full time prior to getting sick. I have been in an out of the hospital for 5 months now and have no insurance. I have no income coming in living with family for free due to my continued illness. Social security has yet to decide on disability (probably denied). I don’t qualify for Medicaid or medicare. How am I supposed to get insurance. Looking at surgery most likely. What can I do. Frustrating.obamacare is a joke

Harriet Coleman on

Graduating from college with no job or income need health insurance, since I’m graduating in May

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Because you have no income, you’ll likely qualify for Medicaid if you live in a Blue state (its a toss up in Red states, as many did not expand Medicaid; sorry to bring politics into this, but this really is the case, since politics were brought into healthcare in this sense in the first place).

Your best bet is to start by calling healthcare.gov.