I applied for and received a hardship exemption (and ECN number) for 2014, as the lowest cost bronze plan in Delaware exceeded 8% of my income. Do I need to re-apply for an exemption in 2015? The lowest cost 2015 bronze plan in Delaware will still exceed 8% of my 2015 income. Thanks. Paul


You must reapply for the affordability exemption at least annually to qualify for this exemption. The definition of "affordable" has changed from 2015 to 2017 and may change again in the future. In 2017, if your lowest cost minimal essential coverage you are eligible for (whether employer-based or Marketplace) which costs more than 8.13% of the household income is eligible for this exemption. You can claim it on the 8965 - Exemptions form, but you'll need to get this exemption through the marketplaces.

Learn more about the affordability exemption.

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Kristen on

My husband and I are both self-employed and have no children. The cheapest plan available in our zip code through the Colorado exchange is $690/month –$8280 per year –for the two of us, and that is likely to increase by 10% or more next year. How much can we make and still qualify for the affordability exemption? Next year we are expecting only about $10,000 in regular income and $70,000 in capital gains from the sale of an investment home, for a total income of about $80,000. The cheapest plan would cost us more than 10% of that total household income.