Can Insurance Cancel Me in the Middle of Treatment?

Can my insurance (Horizon New Jersey Family Care) cancel me in the middle of treatment, they say I do not qualify anymore for the insurance because of my disability income, but I am in the middle of physical therapy. the card is currently working all I got was a letter. with a pass date of cancelation, for 02/17/2015 it took 7 weeks to even get a disability income. and I have had a large about of doctor appointments since that past date they wrote, they said I am now responsible for the bills, and that I can just apply for Obama care. it all sounds incorrect, and I have a surgery for 04/06/2015. so I am confused, can I get canceled in the middle of treatment, its for carpal tunnel I can barely use my hands can they just do that, cancel treatment for my hands and just have me get another provider????

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it makes to sense, i keep, qualifying and not qualifying week by week. the insurance still works currently, my disability ended the 2nd of this month, i did call and write for a hearing,no one has callecd or replied. i am back to disabled and no income, reapplying for disability or a continuation, that can take 2-6 weeks. took 7 weeks the 1st time. i had no income so i qualified for medical, i got 1 check for 8 weeks i no longer qualify, and my disability ended, so i paid my mortgage and so i am back to no income. its like a ping pon game, except with my physical therapy. i call the insurance before every appointment to see if its active. its a mess.


and every time i apply on the marketplace they say i don’t make enough income, to try applying for welfare. so too much income to medicare, no enough for the marketplace?! but i can get food stamps…. its very WTF. but here is a fine at tax season for not having insurance lol.

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