Dermatologists and Wellness Visit Codes, are They Covered?

Can my dermatologist code wellness for a visit? I have an annual check up each year with the dermatologist. If he finds an unusual mole, he removes and checks it. My insurance company says they will pay for this each year with no cost to me if it is coded wellness. The doctors office says the law changed a couple years ago due to the Affordable Care Act and they can no longer code wellness. I can’t find any such law. Everything I find is requiring insurance companies to pay wellness 100%. Are dermatologists an exception?

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They specifically excluded skin cancer from preventative as a fuck you to white people.


Same here OBAMACARE is equal to nothing when it comes to skin cancer checks- I have to pay cash & skip dinner, beyond a bowl of Ramen for a WEEK! Thanks ACA


Is there a specific law that states a dermatologist can’t code wellness or preventive visit? My insurance company is willing to pay it if it is coded correctly. The dermatologist says the Afforadable Care Act prohibits them from coding wellness or preventive.

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