My daughter is currently unemployed. She went through the process of reapplying for Obama care. They told her she qualifies for Medicaid where there is no monthly cost. So that’s what she opted for. But in two weeks she starts a new job. Does she have to reapply in two week or is she still eligible for Medicaid for the entire year?


Once you are accepted into a Medicaid program you have that coverage until you are asked to reapply and you are determined ineligible. Generally you will have to reapply for Medicaid every year. That being said if she maintains the job, and her income is high enough, she may become ineligible for Medicaid due to income.

Also, like it is with the marketplace, if your income increases the proper thing to do is to report the income increase (and to switch to a marketplace or employer plan as necessary depending on a person's options). NOTE: Make sure you are following rules for reporting income changes in your state; some states have strict reporting requirements that must be adhered to. If you are unsure, contact your state Medicaid department.

Generally, she should just be aware of eligibility requirements in here state. If and when she can afford other coverage, and knows she would no longer qualify for Medicaid due to her income, she can elect to get another type of coverage.

Typically you only have to reapply for Medicaid when you receive any of the following notices of action:

  • A redetermination notice
  • A notice of a change in your Medicaid benefits
  • A notice that your Medicaid benefits are ending

If you have further questions simply contact your state Medicaid office.

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Gary VeuCasovic on

Answer Rating:

That was clear. Thank you.

Rachel on

What happens tax wise? I’m in a similar situation. I had my benefit renewed and then I got a job but it doesn’t provide insurance. I’m part time. on

For Medicaid you’ll be coordinating that with the state Medicaid office. Essentially they will notify you if you need to reapply or are set to be dropped. You can always contact them for an update or if you think you missed a notice.

Susan on

I am not on Medicaid but I am sure I qualify. I am 60 and single. Within a month I am moving within New York State. I am currently making a VERY minimal income & supporting myself by my own savings which is waning quickly. I own a home but plan on renting in the future, is there a difference in the rate? If I don’t invest the proceeds from the sale of the house does this make me ineligible or is eligibility based on salary? I searched the site and didn’t see the question.. Also, is the choice of doctors limited? Finally, I am and will be seeking employment. When I find a job is it possible to discontinue these benefits (in other words, go on and off Medicaid, hopefully only once)? Thank you.

April on

I had the same question, wasn’t sure if I needed to notify medicaid of my changed employment status right now or wait till it was time to re-enroll. Thank you for the clear answer. on

You are very welcome.

Richard on

I am on Medicaid. If I get married mid-year and my new spouse’s income makes us ineligible for Medicaid, do I continue on Medicaid for the rest of the year or do I need new insurance as soon as we are married?

Karen Nelson on

I had no income for the first 7 months of this year as I was trying to start a business. When my savings was used I applied for and got Medicaid. I was approved until end of April 2017. I just got a job I will start Aug 8th paying me 40K a year. I have lots of personal debt to catch up with that I borrowed to pay rents due, and I am still not even caught up with Julys rent, so even if my employer offers health insurance there will be no monies left for that when my bills and rent arrear is paid. Can I keep my Medicaid for some months until I can afford to pay the insurance premiums? There will be a month until I can sign up for insurance anyway, but I rather pay my rent and utilities debts than add another cost to my budget if I can avoid it.

Kristina Cook on

ok so what your saying is she will be covered under her medicaid until the end of the medicaid year,at which time she refiles for medicaid with her new income and they will tell her if she is still eligible or if she needs to find other insurance/ I have the same situation I live in Arkansas and I am receiving medicaid and recently started a temp job for 7 months , so I will still be covered under my medicaid until the reapply date?

[email protected] Erin on

Check with your state Medicaid Office to be certain. Many of the eligibility criteria and reporting requirements (like income changes) vary slightly in application at the state level. Arkansas Medicaid, for example, does require you to report income changes. Make sure that you report that the income source is only temporary.

ginette on

My husband I have medicaid because he’s not working, we only have one source of income but since we got enroll last year I get a little race at work. Do this will affect our coverage? For the new enrollment?

ginette on

My husband I have medicaid because he’s not working, we only have one source of income but since we got enroll last year I get a little race at work. Do this will affect our coverage? For the new enrollment?.

Yen-Co on

I am in an almost similar situation… I haven’t been able to really work do to being classified as a “hazard” in the work place (thanks to absent seizures). Currently I am on Medicaid and I have been looking into getting a job for quiet a while. Should I notify the office if I do get a job? Will I be kicked out if I do get a part-time job?
Thank you for the help! Sorry for any errors.

cynthia AREY on

what if i have made $2,000 so far in 2016 and am active in Medicaid..and then,what if i made $22,000 in Nov month—am i excluded from Medicaid??thanks, cynthia

John McLaughlin on

Needs a little copyediting:

“Generally, she should just be aware of eligibility requirements in here state.”

here = her

Erin on

Thank you for helping.

s.s. on

please keep the medicaid buy-in program in mind when anxious about losing your coverage.

Greg on

I applied and received Medicaid over 3 years ago when I was unemployed. The last two years I have been making well over the eligibility limit. My benefits are still good for the doctor and for prescriptions. Do I need to cancel on my own or will they do so?

Carol M. Olson on

I am only working part time about 20 hours a week and my pay is only $8.50 HR. Am i still eligible for medicaid? on

It depends on what state you live in

Anon on

So if you get a job and the insurance doesn’t start for three months, you can stay on medicaid until the other insurance kicks in? on

Yes, in most cases the answer would be yes. The only thing to note is that Medicaid programs have different rules in some states (because Republicans keep blocking expansion). Still, until you get the new job, there would be a lack of income, so you would very likely qualify (especially in a state with expansion).

The best bet is to call / your state medicaid department.

Frank Rivera on

I just got a full time job. I just got recertified for medicaid and was told that income doesn’t matter untill I have to recertify next year. How ever my ob is with the dept of social services in my county. On the waver form it says that I can’t wave coverage if I’m eligable for another county sponsored plan. My question is: Is medicaid a county sponsored plan? I live in NY State.

Mahmoud Zidan on

I am over 65 and do receive Social Security retirement and benefits and have both Medicare Medicid in NJ, How Can I Keep these benefits and get another job or more income? on

It depends on exactly what types of assistance you get and what your current income is. Generally you wouldn’t lose Medicare or Social Security, however you could lose Medicaid and assistance on Medicare. You might want to contact your state Medicaid department and try to get direction from them. The short answer is you can increase your income and keep assistance, but there is considerations when it comes to assistance that is based on income.

In other words, it is a complex question to answer without knowing specifics.

Todd Conduff on

I am receiving Medicaid but I have elected health Insurance through my Employer and my Employer offers me a QHDHP. I need to know whether I am eligible to receive contributions from my employer into my HSA bank account and can I also contribute to my HSA bank account even though I am on Medicaid. Not Medicare

Thank you in advance for your input on

So if it is an FSA, then it doesn’t matter if you have Medicaid or Medicare, your employer can still fund it. If it is an HSA, you can’t contribute to an HSA if you have Medicaid or Medicare.

The following links can help provide more information.

rpsabq on

This answer is accurate, but you risk breaking the law in your state. My state requires a report of ANY change of income within 10 days. It will be then be determined that I am no longer eligible and i will be instructed to find other insurance. But what they will NOT say is, “Ok thank you for telling us. We’ll still pay for all your healthcare costs for the rest of the year even though you currently don’t qualify.” The 10 day reporting rule is to prevent people from gaming the system. For example on the day after a rectification going and getting a job that makes them ineligible, work that for a year and then quit the job before the next re-certification. Your answer suggests that is possible, and in my State it is not. on

Thank you for clarifying. I’ll put a note in to say “make sure you are following rules for reporting income changes in your state.”

Appreciate the help!

rpsabq on

This answer is legally incorrect. All states have a self-reporting income requirement so that people don’t game the system by getting free healthcare for a year, until their next re-certification. on

Good point, I made the clarification. I didn’t mean to imply otherwise, like with the marketplace you should always report an increase in income so you can reorganize your benefits.

Judy snyder on

Why after I got approved for disability was I taken off of Medicaid? My monthly amount is $1370 but I could have a part time job and as long as my total monthly is below $1518 I could keep Medicaid? This does not make since. In Ohio on

Medicaid is expanded in Ohio, although law makers are trying to amend exactly how it works, you should still have access based on income as 138% of the poverty level is a little over $16k a the moment.

You should appeal this by contacting your state Medicaid department, you should have access to Medicaid unless your income was higher recently.

Sarah Kaminski on

I just found a full time job and been working 2 weeks. Do I need to cancel my Medicaid plan? Will I get a fine for having it? on

You will automatically lose Medicaid if you stop qualifying for it, but in general if you find employment and expect your income to rise or to get health benefits, it would make sense to coordinate with Medicaid.

Until you get a paycheck or can access your employer health insurance though, nothing should change about your Medicaid eligibility status in most states.

Sandra Lee Reedy on

DO I automatically lose Medicaid if I get employers insurance for one month? on

Not exactly. You will no longer qualify for Medicaid once you have employer insurance. So you would want to coordinate with Medicaid to have your Medicaid end on or near the start date of your employer insurance. This will ensure you do things the right way as they will be able to guide you in the process.

Ally Acker on

I’m on Medicaid in Nassau County. The problem here is that the Medicaid office simply does not answer the phone. Today I was on the line for 30 min and then I was cut off. This has happened more times than I can say.

What does one do if you can’t get questions answered? on

Well you can go down to the Medicaid office, and often you can check the website. So those are two potential avenues.

Clarissa on

I currently have Medicaid. I’m about to sign a contract with a my job in which they also offer health insurance. I don’t know what to, and I don’t want to loose my Medicaid. Could I loose my Medicaid? Can I have two insurances?

Lina on

I got approved from medicaid because I was unemployed. Now I found a job I have to replace someone for 3 months. For this 3 months I will get paid high enough. After 3 months my income will get down. I don’t know if I have to report this? I got approved in October. What if they ask me to reapply again in January. If I report it now they will deney me from medicaid. I don’t know what to do I don’t want to loose my medicaid for a short time. Please if someone can help me with this consern. Thank you. on

If you are still going to qualify for Medicaid based on annual income then it shouldn’t have an impact. If you will not qualify for Medicaid based on income due to working for three months, then you should switch over to a marketplace plan. That is the simple answer, it is based on your annual income, not monthly income.

James on

I want to know if you have to pay back Medicaid (Ohio). I’ve read online that they have estate recovery laws.

I’ve been on Medicaid for 5 years (no care I’m healthy) so if I sell my house and move out of Ohio, will Ohio Medicaid try to put a lien on my house to recupe their costs?

Or do they only do this if you’ve had long term care such as being in a nursing home? on

Estate recovery is a real thing, but there are some very specific rules which generally apply to all states with estate recovery. I believe some states have their own rules as well. I don’t fully know each rule. But in general, it is Medicaid costs paid in the years before death collected from an estate with certain rules that protect surviving members of a family. It wouldn’t I think apply just for moving and not having used specific types of care. You can find a lot of Ohio specific information online, for example, I looked on and it seems pretty clear to me it only applies to over 55 and who pass away.

A on


I am on Medicaid and recently started working. How do I find the income reporting requirements for Michigan?

Thank You on

You can find the information you are looking for here.