I am a dreamer under deferred action if i wasn’t insured for the 2014 year am i going get penalized and charged a fee when i file my taxes? When i spoke with someone from the IRS they said that i am because i am considered a resident even though i explain to them what the deferred action was and that i wasn’t a resident or a citizen. Two years ago when i first got my permit to work here legally and i tried to apply for medical i got denied because they told me i wasn’t a resident or a citizen so now i’m confused.


ObamaCare regulations treat Deferred Action recipients as not lawfully present. Therefore, people who have DACA should file Form 8965 and indicate code C as the basis for their exemption.

ObamaCare Facts simplified instructions for Form 8965, Health Coverage Exemptions

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Gerardo on

Very helpful !

Andrea E Vaca Moreno on

I am one of the dreamers who got the DACA for be able to work here on the United States . my question is, where can i apply for an medical insurance for the DACA students?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

You can and should start at healthcare.gov. Although cost assistance may not be an option, you can use healthcare.gov for guidance on your options and they can help you enroll outside of open enrollment via special enrollment.

Selena on

Im a breamer too but i lost my job on octuber because my work permit expired and im waiting for me to get it and be able to buy any insurence but i dont know if i will get fee for not having and insurence?

Erin on

If you are lawfully present alien, than you are subject to the Individual Mandate and you are eligible for cost assistance on the Marketplace (assuming you meet the other eligibility criteria). If you are not lawfully present and are not required to file taxes, than you are not usually eligible for cost assistance (some state like California have made exceptions), but you are also not required to have minimal essential coverage.