Coverage Exemption For Full-Time Workers?

Can I get an exemption so I can work full-time since I already have coverage through a family members plan?

I am a part-time employee working two different jobs in order to try to scrape together enough hours to get by. Because of the new ‘Obamacare’ mandates, both of these businesses do not offer me more than 25 hours a week each. I am more than willing to work more, but it’s tough to put together 2 or 3 different job schedules in order to get the hours I need. Obviously a full-time position would be preferable, but it’s a rough market out her in Western New York.

Anyways I’m 23 and am fully covered under my parents insurance because she is a school teacher in New York State. I DO NOT NEED insurance from my employer because I am covered, however I wish to work as much as possible. Could an ‘opt-out’ option be provided to us college students, Medicaid-covered employees, and other part-time employees affected by ACA? I would love to be able to work as much as possible, regardless of part-time/full-time status.

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