hi, i’m wondering can i get additional coverage, i have medicaid an on disability. 38.00 mt plus ebt. As you know i cant get care, meds. from most doctors because theres a limit on who i can get care from then a limit on my meds i need to live..can i get additional care?


Medicaid is different in every state and region, some regions have better coverage and networks. Typically there is no supplemental Medicaid coverage, however you can look into private coverage if you make over 100% of the Federal Poverty Level or look into using a discount drug card (click here or ask your pharmacy). You may want to make your state Medicaid department aware of exactly what drugs you aren't able to get. They may be able to offer some more specific advice.

If you get Medicare for disability then there is another options which is enrolling in a Medicare Part D drug plan with cost assistance.

Learn more about Medicare part D assistance.

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renee abdulghani on

i was hurt and still have health issues. but can’t work yet. Medicaid in Louisiana is cutting me off? How can that be… I am trying to find work with my heatlh condition. But, its hard. I can’t lift more than 1 pound on a good day with my right hand and arm and hurt shoulder.