If I lose my employer health coverage due to being laid off, or because of losing full-time status, can I get ObamaCare?


If you lost your employer health coverage you qualify for Special Enrollment in the marketplace when your employer plan ends.

This is true whether you get laid off, have your hours reduced to part-time, quit, or for any other reason other than non-payment or electing not to taking affordable health coverage you qualify for.

When you lose employer health coverage you qualify for coverage through the marketplace for 60 days. Given this, your first step should be going to HealthCare.gov ASAP to prevent a gap in coverage and to ensure you are within the 60 day window.

Don't forget, you may qualify for cost assistance based on your projected income for the current year, so make sure to account for your income so far this year and the lack of income from unemployment to get a reasonable estimate of your projected income for this year.

FACT: During both open and special enrollment periods all coverage options on the marketplace will count as Minimum Essential Coverage. That means that coverage will provide all the benefits, rights, and protections of the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare).

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