Low Cost Health Insurance

Get the facts on low cost health insurance, how Medicaid and Marketplace subsidies can lower your costs, and how to get affordable coverage. Getting low cost health insurance is a little more complicated than just finding the right broker, picking the lowest premium plan, or general cost sharing amounts. It’s about understanding what cost assistance you… Read More

What Options Does ObamaCare Someone With No Income?

I recently applied for coverage for a friend of mine who is unemployed, and is on food stamps for help with food. He doesn’t qualify for Medicaid or Medicare. So we went through our local market place for the health insurance. This is where I was appalled at what I have seen. The lowest choice for… Read More

No Insurance, Will ACA Help with Hospital Bill?

I have a question, i was shopping for health insurance and then was rushed to hospital for emergency appendix surgery I have my bill now and struggling to pay. Does Obama care help with this or what are my options. I was born in England and have a permeant resident card. Thank you so much… Read More

Multi-State Health Plans

Everything You Need to Know About Multi-State Health Plans If you travel out-of-state often, you may want a multi-state health plan through the Health Insurance Marketplace. Most plans are regional, so consider a multi-state plan even if you only plan to travel between two states. Ask this youtube video on “tricky plan issues” explains, you… Read More

Health Insurance Quotes

Get health insurance quotes and find out if you qualify for cost assistance from CMS approved brokers and on HealthCare.Gov. Below we will discuss the best ways to get health insurance quotes (HINT: Start at ObamaCare’s Health Insurance Marketplace sometimes called “the Marketplace” AKA HealthCare.Gov). We’ll also give you lots of helpful advice to help ensure you get… Read More

Tips for Getting the Best Health Plan

Here is a quick list of tips for getting the best health plan. No matter how you shop, this list will ensure you don’t over or under-buy health insurance. NOTE: Finding the best health plan for you and your family depends on your family size, income, needs, region, and more. The best plan for one… Read More

Should I Get Health Insurance?

Having Health Insurance means you are covered in an emergency. Not getting coverage could result in big fees for those who wait until taxes are due. Obtaining and maintaining health insurance isn’t just about avoiding a fee, it’s about taking responsibility for your health, knowing you have coverage when you need it, and avoiding the devastating… Read More

Health Savings Account (HSA)

What is a Health Savings Account? A Health Savings Account (HSA) is a tax-advantaged medical savings account you can contribute to and draw money from for certain medical expenses tax-free. HSAs can be used for out-of-pocket medical, dental, and vision. HSAs can’t be used to pay health insurance premiums. HSA’s can only be used with… Read More

Catastrophic Health Plans

If you are under 30 or obtained a “hardship exemption” you qualify for a high deductible, low premium, catastrophic plan. Catastrophic health plans are the cheapest plan you can get that counts as minimum essential coverage. Catastrophic plans can be good for those who want cheap, barebones care. Catastrophic plans tend to trade a low… Read More

How to Compare Health Plans

Learn how to compare health plans to get the best deals on health insurance and health care. Compare your health needs with your plans costs and coverage, to find an affordable plan with benefits that are designed to cover you. No matter how you shop, and boy are there a lot of different options under… Read More

How Does Health Insurance Work?

How does health insurance work? You pay a monthly premium and your share of annual out-of-pocket costs, and your insurer pays it’s share of covered costs.  The concept is simple, but getting that perfect health plan takes some brain power and elbow grease.  By taking the time to master and internalize the content of this page,… Read More

Private Health Plans Outside the Marketplace

Shopping for Health Insurance Outside of the Health Insurance Marketplace If you make too much for cost assistance or want to see your private health plan options, you may want to shop outside of the Health Insurance Marketplace. There are three main ways to get covered in the individual and family market under the Affordable… Read More

Washington Health Insurance Exchange

How “Washington Healthplanfinder”, The Official Washington Website for Health Insurance, Works The Washington Health Insurance Exchange, Washington Healthplanfinder, is the official Washington State marketplace for health insurance under Obamacare. You can use Washington Healthplanfinder to apply for cost-assistance, compare prices of plans, change plans and enroll in a plan that best suits you, your family… Read More

Washington, D.C. Health Insurance Exchange

How “DC Health Link”, The Official Washington, D.C. Website for Health Insurance, Works The Washington, D.C. Health Insurance Exchange, DC Health Link, is the official Washington, D.C. State marketplace for health insurance under Obamacare. You can use DC Health Link to apply for cost-assistance, compare prices of plans, change plans, and enroll in a plan… Read More

Vermont Health Insurance Exchange

How “Vermont Health Connect”, The Official Vermont Website for Health Insurance, Works The Vermont Health Insurance Exchange, Vermont Health Connect, is the official Vermont State marketplace for health insurance under Obamacare. You can use Vermont Health Connect to apply for cost-assistance, compare prices of plans, change plans, and enroll in a plan that best suits… Read More

Texas Health Insurance Exchange

How the Texas Health Benefits Exchange Marketplace Works The Texas health insurance exchange will be federally run by HHS after Rick Perry decided not to run a state-based Marketplace in Texas. Although the State will not run it’s own exchange Texans can use HealthCare.gov to shop for affordable health insurance. Texas has the highest percentage of… Read More

Short Term Health Insurance

Everything You Need To Know About Short Term Health Insurance Under the Affordable Care Act Short term health insurance is meant to provide temporary health coverage. Short term plans don’t have to offer all of ObamaCare’s benefits and protections. Pros and Cons of Short Term Health Insurance The pros and cons of short term health… Read More

SHOP Exchange: Small Business Health Options Program

The Small Business Health Insurance Marketplace Employers can use the SHOP Marketplace (Small Business Health Options Program) to get lower costs on group plans and claim tax credits. In 2015, employers with less than 50 full-time equivalent workers (FTE) can use the SHOP. In 2016, the SHOP opens for businesses with 100 or less FTE. FACT:… Read More

Rhode Island Health Insurance Exchange

How “HealthSource RI”, The Official Rhode Island Website for Health Insurance, Works The Rhode Island Health Insurance Exchange, HealthSource RI, is the official Rhode Island State marketplace for health insurance under Obamacare. You can use HealthSource RI to apply for cost-assistance, compare prices of plans, change plans, and enroll in a plan that best suits… Read More

Qualified Health Plan

What is a Qualified Health Plan? Under the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare), a Qualified Health Plan (QHP) is a health plan certified by the marketplace to meet new benefit and cost sharing standards. Qualified Health Plans include all the metal plans sold on the marketplace and count as minimum essential coverage. Let’s take a look… Read More

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