My employer offers health insurance. While the employee-only rate is somewhat reasonable, the coverage is lacking. However the family plan exceededs 10 percent of my income. I have a 19 year old daughter, who did have Dental Kid Care but has aged out of that program. Now we have to find insurance for her, but I cant afford my employers.

I made 37,000.00 in 2014 and my employers family plan would cost me 8,100.00 annually. Ive been to a broker and they said we don’t qualify for help. My employer refuses to shop for better, cheaper coverage. What can we do?!


If your average cost for your grandfathered employer-sponsored plan is more than 8% MAGI then you are exempt from the fee and can qualify for catastrophic coverage through the Marketplace. You'll need to have your employer fill out a form. You can learn more about affordable employer-sponsored coverage here, your daughter also has the option of getting her own plan depending upon if you claim her as dependent or not. You can also apply for the exemption for her only and keep your employer plan.

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