The Cost of ObamaCare For Individuals, Families, Taxpayers, and the Government

What Does ObamaCare Cost? Below we look at what ObamaCare costs individuals and families, what ObamaCare costs taxpayers, and what ObamaCare costs in terms of government spending. FACT: The Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) lowers costs based on income. Plans costs less than $100 a month for the majority of Americans who qualify for assistance each… Read More

Congress ObamaCare: ObamaCare Exemption for Congress

Everything You Need to Know About Congress and ObamaCare We cover everything you need to know about ObamaCare and Congress, including updates on votes to repeal and replace ObamaCare and the Congress exemption. First here are a few updates on changes and attempted change to the law made by Congress and other branches of government…. Read More

Affordable Care Act Summary

Our ‘Affordable Care Act’ Summary breaks down ObamaCare section by section. The ‘Affordable Care Act’ summary will give the most factual representation of the law by summarizing each of the Act’s 10 titles. Every title and every section of the ‘Affordable Care Act’ is packed with details (even the condensed version of the law is… Read More

ObamaCare Facts – An Independent Site For ACA Advice

Published: June 30, 2012 Last Updated: April 5, 2024 – Providing Facts on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Since 2012 ObamaCare Facts is an independent website. Get the facts on healthcare and health insurance under the Affordable Care Act (also known as ObamaCare). At, we aim to present fact-based information on the Affordable… Read More

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