Author: Linda DeSolla Price

Will Trump Extend Open Enrollment?

Are There Any Open Enrollment Extensions? Many people were unable to get through to the Marketplace Call Center before open enrollment ended, but there is a short grace period. Don’t give up yet. Trump has refused to extend the national deadline past Friday, 12-15-2017 at midnight although some states have extended their deadlines. Those are listed… Read More

Affordability Exemptions and the Cost of Healthcare

Can I get an Affordability Exemption on 2018 Medical Plans? The Affordability Exemption uses the cost of insurance rather than the cost of healthcare. Companies profit hugely from our healthcare system. People don’t.  Healthcare itself is becoming increasingly unaffordable. Affordability is based on a percentage of household income, either 8.05% 0r 9.56%, and affects both employer… Read More

Federal Funds Running Out For Children’s Health Insurance Plans

Federal Funds Have Not Been Approved For Children’s Health Insurance Plans The GOP has not extended funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Plan because the House, Senate, and President have failed to agree. CHIP covers 8.9 million children and 370,000 pregnant women in this country and is crucial in providing health care for low-income working families… Read More

Open Enrollment is Here Despite Hurricanes and Wildfires.

It’s Open Enrollment! Participating in open enrollment is essential even if you have been affected by the hurricanes and wildfires or are dealing with other pressing issues. It is open enrollment for both Medicare and the ACA in November and early December of 2017. Trump has talked a lot about repealing the Affordable Care Act and… Read More

Get Ready for 2018 Open Enrollment

ObamaCare’s open enrollment period for 2018 starts on November 1st, 2017 and ends on December 15th, 2017.  This is what you need to know to enroll for 2018. Some states have longer enrollment periods, so you will have to check your state’s rules. • Open enrollment is the only time you can get cost assistance, enroll… Read More

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