The ACA’s fate is in the hands of the Supreme Court after a Trump administration-backed court case that threatens the ACA is set to finish playing out. In light of this Trump has promised to release executive orders protecting pre-existing conditions.

The exact contents of the orders are not known yet. The orders could fully protect pre-existing conditions like the ACA (which fully protects them if you have coverage), or they may be closer to what Republicans tried to pass in a previous house bill where they were only protected if you obtained and maintaed coverage without a break (this only partaly protects them, as you have to maintain coverage each year).

We will keep you updated.

For more on this story, see FoxNew’s, “Trump planning executive orders on health care to protect preexisting conditions.”

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Colton watkins on

My son ain’t long got out prison and did 5 years well while in he was put in hospital and found out he had dibites type two and been in and out hospital and has not worked and I have sign him up for medicaid and they refused him and I’m looking for help he is 28 on

He should qualify for Medicaid based on income in the majority of states, however, some states have refused to expand Medicaid. In states that didn’t expand Medicaid, he has to make over 100% of the poverty level to qualify for marketplace cost assistance. That insurance type can only be signed up for during open enrollment or if someone has a life-changing circumstance. Being realized from jail is a qualifying circumstance for special enrollment in the marketplace, so this could be an option.

Otherwise, you are left mostly with state charity options. This page explains more details, good luck!: