ObamaCare 2.0 (AKA BidenCare): Biden’s Plan to Protect and Improve ObamaCare

Joe Biden announced his “ObamaCare 2.0” plan. This plan preserves the most popular parts of the ACA, but adds other popular items like negotiating Medicare drug prices and adding a public option.

The plan looks something like this:

  1. Keep marketplace cost assistance while making it more robust (for example premiums capped at 8.5% of family income instead of 9.5%).
  2. Keep Medicaid expansion and work to see it expanded in more states.
  3. Keep pre-existing conditions protections.
  4. Keep other popular provisions in the ACA.
  5. Add a public option (for those who currently have employer plans, who are buying coverage, or who are currently uninsured).
  6. Let Medicare negotiate drug prices.
  7. And much more; for details see a recent announcement video and the healthcare section of Joe Biden’s website). For more, you can also see our breakdown of BidenCare.

This would have a price tag estimated at $750 billion over a decade, but would be in part paid for by rolling back some of the Trump era tax cuts on the highest tax bracket.

This is also notably being presented as an alliterative to Medicare for All.

Biden: We Have to Protect & Build on Obamacare | Joe Biden For President.

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