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I am very lucky. I work hard. 60 hours per week. My small business supplies health insurance for all employees. Yes, our rates have about doubled in 4 years. I am not at all surprised. This is what happened right before our eyes. Pres Bobo tricked insurance companies into the ACA. Of course they supported the idea – 100% of Americans will be insured-we will MAKE THEM. Ins Co also told there would not be a Govt Option. So….. Insurance Co get to increase rates and they will not be held in check. Of course they liked the idea. They were set up. The ACA was designed to get insurance premiums high, so then the Govt would have to come in and save the day. “We wanted the insurance companies to play fair, they haven’t. Now the only thing we can do to help you poor fools is to start Govt insurance company.” No need for insurance companies.

Canadian System. Not for me. Do you realize there are more MRI machines at the Mayo Clinic than in all of Canada? Do you realize that in Canada you better not get kidney disease after age 59? Dialysis would be denied – your life expectancy isn’t long enough.

I feel bad for so many people. They do not have health insurance like they think. Sure now they can go to emergency room and get stitches “Free”. Or antibiotics for runny nose – Free. They could before. But now when they get really sick, care will be determined by review board. In many cases the care they need will be denied. Trust me on this – insurance company boards are rejecting lots of coverage. You will be forced to jump through hoops – hoops they hope you give up on. This will happen for about another 2-3 years. Depending on political tides, we are headed for a Single-Payer system. Government controlling what care and treatment you get. How sad.

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very true; I work in the medical field and I see it…pretty scary the gov. and the disrespect for human life and an unquenchable quest for POWER.

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